Montag, 5. Dezember 2011

My first "franken"

Today I want to show you a few pictures of my first "franken".

Okay, I originally really wanted OPI's Sparclelicious, but couldn't get my hands on it. (I refuse to pay 16€ in my local Douglas store...) One day I noticed that one of essence's nail art twins reminded me a lot of Sparclelicious. I'm talking about the glitter twin Troy. It's basically blue and pink micro glitter suspended in a clear base. So I thought... maybe I can recreate Sparclelicious if I add some gold micro glitter to it!?

So my quest to find a gold micro glitter polish started and it was surprisingly hard to find one. Most seemed to yellow to me... or the glitter was too big, etc. In the end I bought a bottle of a no-name glitter from Claire's. I mixed them together in an old polish bottle of mine. It turned out a bit goopy, but I think I can solve that by adding some thinner. I misplaced mine for now though... ^^;

I really liked the result and wore it the same night over my already existing manicure: the violett gradient mani I showed in my last post. I think I added like 3 layers of glitter. You don't want to know how thick the polish became after all that violett, several layers sponged on top and then 3 layers of glitter! It was ridiculous.

Anyway, that's what it looked like:

By now, I got my hands on the original OPI polish, yay. So I had to compare my wannabe-dupe to it. Haha, they are quite different. While I always thought of the gold glitter polishes to be way to yellow, that's what I should have bought! The glitter I used looks really pretty, but compared to the one used in Sparclelicious, it looks almost champagne gold. The gold is not so much in-your-face as the one in Sparclelicious. It's like having a gold and silverish version of Sparclelicious. But aside from the color difference in the gold glitter they are really close.

What do you think of my first try on frankening? :D


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