Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Nail (Art) Collage

Hm, this is the first time I'm doing a collage of different nail designs I have been wearing at some point. I did this, because I feel that most of these are not nice enough that I want to write a whole post for them... some, I just didn't have pictures that I would want to post. So here are six manis I have been wearing in the last ~6 weeks that didn't pass my "single blog post requirements", haha.

  • The two in the top row are basically the same mani. I just added one of the new p2 crackles (red volcano) on top. because I thought it would look nice together. It did, but when I edited the pictures, I just didn't dig the crackle anymore. I still wish they would make red volcano a regular non-crackle polish. The brown is a very beautiful shade though.
  • Next is a tape mani. It was a lot of work (for me) but somehow... I didn't like the result.
  • Followed by a stamped mani. This is China Glaze GR8 with a stamped bamboo pattern. Somehow, it looked weird. Like some failed crackle mani.
  • Next is essence Gold Old Buffy from the Vampire Love LE. I love this polish, but my pictures were all weird. I will wear this again soon enough. I will try to take better pictures.
  • I really wanted to do this violett-to-silver gradient. But the polishes I chose wouldn't blend properly. Also, for the first time I experienced extensive top coat shrinkage which ruined my pictures. It wasn't noticeable from a normal distance though. I only noticed on the pictures.
What do you think? Would you have posted even one of those in a single post?

Also, I'm looking for a nice rather dark blueish violett creme polish. Suggestions?


  1. Ganz wunderbare Nail Designs! Dein Blog ist sooo schön ,bin sehr froh dich samt Blog :)) gefunden zu haben :)
    Dankeschön fürs mitlesen!

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. I think they are all lovely! My favourites are the black and white one and the violet to silver gradation.
    I really hate when topcoat does that, it's so annoying to have the nail polish shrinking :(

  3. Award für Dich!!
    Guck mal:



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