Dienstag, 15. November 2011

essence - The Dawn Is Broken (Vampire Love LE)

Today I want to show you one of the two polishes I got from the current essence LE called Vampire Love. There's five nail polishes, but (so far) I only got two.

04 the dawn is broken / 01 gold old buffy
Those two seemed to be the most unusual colors to me - not necessarily the most beautiful. :) I actually wore 01 gold old buffy the night I bought it, but the color is really hard to photograph for me... I don't now, but my camera doesn't like dark colors at all. The missing daylight lately makes it even worse.

Anyway, here is 04 the dawn is broken. It's a weird color and hard to describe. It's grey, but it has a somewhat silvery-beige shimmer to it, as well as violettish dots. Those dots give it its weird gritty feel too, but luckily that disappears with top coat. I actually really like this color. It applies okay, you could even get away with one thick coat, but two thin coats look a lot better!

I added one layer of Blair from the essence Nail Art Twins to it and mattified it afterwards. This is the first time I mattified glitter xD It looked very pretty, but I was not careful again and managed to smudge my left middle finger twice. Thus... a rare picture of my right hand:

But since there was some sunlight the next day, I ended up taking some more pictures and most of them of my left hand with... well, ignore the dent...

What do you think of this color? Did you get some of the Vampire Love polishes?


  1. Oh I wish I had some of that collection.

  2. Hoffen wir das Beste und morgen werde ich mich mal genauer nach so einem Winzling erkundigen. ^^

  3. Oh nein, ich hoffe du findest den noch irgendwo^^


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