Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Zoya - Tanzy... plus holo

Weather continued to be bad... so after finally taking off my starry night sky, I chose one of the polishes my friend brought me from her trip to the US. It's Zoya - Tanzy, a bright orange shade. I loved the swatches I have seen on other blogs. I just had to have my friend bring it.

No sunlight... the picture is kind of dull... and it's the best out of those I took. I'm not exactly sure if I like it on my nails, even though I adore the color.

Later, the sun actually showed itself. I took the chance to take some more pictures. Please excuse the tip wear...

I probably wore this for about 5 days. I would have taken it off after 3 days at most, if I hadn't been in a slump since a few weeks ago. But at least I got the chance to spice it up a bit in my opinion. While checking my local drugstores for a polish a fellow blogger from New Zealand was looking for, I also walked into my local Douglas store to see if they had some more OPI on sale: No luck. But I found another polish I had been looking for. It's Flormar - 392, the one I mentioned in my Essence - Holo post.

Flormar 392 has much finer holo particles and applies really well! I put one coat of it on my Tanzy mani just to see the effect... and loved it so much on Tanzy that I did my other 9 nails as well. I like it much better this way! Sparclelicious~

Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Summer Night Sky

Wow, I didn't realize that it has been more than 2 weeks since my last proper post. Things are weird lately... I just don't feel like posting... not even feel like doing my nails as I used to. At least they kept growing without breaking on my left hand. My right hand is a different story, but it's getting better.

Nevertheless, before my mood change, I got my hands on some nice polishes. I saw a swatch of an Essence polish a while ago and I really couldn't understand why this one never cought my eye. I'm talking about Essence - Cool and the Gang, a very nice blue polish with a jelly finish. After seeing the swatches, I went and got it... and then in the same shop stumbled upon an OPI polish... which was on sale! Well, the sale price is about as much as you would have to pay in the US, but getting OPI for only 4.95€ here in Germany is amazing! I'm talking about OPI - Last Friday Night. I have been stalking this one since it is out, but you usually would have to pay 16€. After seeing more and more swatches I wasn't even sure if I really want it anymore... but being on sale, I couldn't resist. I could imagine it sooo well layered over Essence - Cool and the Gang.

And indead, I loved it!

I originally thought about doing a blue jelly sandwich, but in the end, I just layered the two polishes and put some top coat on. ♥ It reminds me of a summer night sky. Not dark altogether, still kind of bright, you know.

This 3 coats of Essence - Cool and the Gang plus 1 coat of OPI - Last Friday Night and one coat of my favorite Essence BtGN Top Sealer.

Sadly, the weather really wasn't nice. It took a few days until the sun was out and I had a camera around to take some in-the-sun pictures. So please excuse the tip wear. Also, I redid my pinky, because I was impatient again and smudged it... Got too tired to do 3 coats of Cool and the Gang though, so it's less opaque... ^^;


Samstag, 20. August 2011

Das Paket ist gepackt!

Und ich würde es gern gewinnen, denn erfreulicherweise sind die Sachen drin gelandet, für die ich abgestimmt hatte :D

Ich spreche von dem Päckchen, das Jules momentan auf ihrem Blog unter ihren Lesern verlost!

Das Gewinnspiel läuft noch bis zum 24.8.2011 um Mitternacht (0.00). Es ist also noch genügend Zeit...

Sonntag, 14. August 2011

essence - Hello Holo

I recently saw swatches of the essence Special Effect Topper called Hello Holo on another blog and was really stunned that I had missed this polish. Essence - Hello Holo is a clear polish with loads of tiny holo particles in it. So I went to the city and got myself a bottle. I thought it would be easy to get, but others discovered the beauty too and it was sold out in my favourite stores. I finally found a bottle in my local Douglas store.

I didn't have much time that evening to do an elaborate manicure. I just put on two coats of a white MNY polish and then added Hello Holo. I got that white MNY polish a little while ago, when I was looking for different white polish shades, because I was not satisfied with my white p2 polish ("virgin"). It turned out to be okay, but it was still not the kind of white shade I'm looking for.

Hello Holo applied well, but it was a little bit difficult to spread the glitter particles evenly. You can tell by the pictures, I think. It dried quickly though. I topped it with my beloved essence - Better than Gel Nails Top Sealer, because the surface of my nails was rough... glitter polish after all.

It looked soooo pretty. I felt like having a disco ball on my nails. I thought about adding something to it after about 2 days, but didn't. There was tip wear, but it wasn't too noticeable. I think I wore this for about a week. It looked nice with the white underneath, but I think I want to use some other colors next time.

I like Hello Holo, but I still need to get Flormar 392... which is also a holo polish, but the glitter is super tiny in this one. :)


Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Tape Mani...

Quick post for now.

This is my second take on the tape manicure. I recently clicked through a few amazing blogs that also featured extremely well done tape manis. They really inspired me, so I thought I had to try this again.

essence - My Yellow Fellow & p2 - passion

It turned out better than my first try, but I'm still not happy with it. I did this in the evening... I probably would have chosen different colors if it were daylight still. I didn't really pay attention to the width of the tape I was using so the pattern is not really consistent, which is also a reason I didn't really like it. The stripes aren't really smooth either... but luckily, that wasn't too noticeable while working. But I was impatient too... applied the top coat to fast, so the color dragged.

I wore this for like 2 days... It felt like removing it after one day, but didn't have the time to do a new mani. I kind of felt like wearing warning tape on my nails... bleh.

Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Eine neuer Award :)

The rules:
- Thank the person who gave you this award.
- Write a post about it.
- Answer to the questions below.
- Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.
Diesen Award habe ich von Mitsuki90 bekommen, die meine Posts immer mit lieben Kommentaren bedenkt. Danke dir dafür!

Dann will ich die Fragen doch mal beantworten :]

01. Favorite color: momentan habe ich definitiv eine Schwäche für Türkis-/Grüntöne
02. Favorite animal: Katzen, Hunde
03. Favorite number: 5
04. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Wasser ^^;
05. Facebook or twitter? Facebook
06. What’s your passion? Japan :D
07. Getting or giving presents? Giving
08. Favorite pattern: Polka dots
09. Favorite day of the week: Sonntag, der einzige Tag, den ich sicher frei habe
10. Favorite flower: Orchidee
Ich gebe den Award weiter an Jenny und Steph.
Ich gebe ihn nur zweimal weiter, da er ja schon eine Weile kursiert und bereits viele Blogger den Award haben. Ich möchte ihn daher an zwei Bloggerinnen weitergeben, die mir wie Mitsuki ebenfalls stets liebe Kommentare hinterlassen. :)

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011



My friend is back from her trip to the USA and brought the treasure I had sent to her boyfriend's place. *-*
My account is not happy right now, but I'm sooo happy - it's all worth it. Hehe.

3x Milani 3D, 3x Zoya, 4x OPI, 1x essie, 1x Nubar, 2x Catrice
I also found the Catrice Out of Space LE in my favourite drugstore and had to buy two of the polishes. My drugstore usually doesn't sell Catrice. I have to drive about 45km to buy Catrice, so this was a nice find. They still didn't restock the p2 Deep Water Love though. I asked last time and they said it would be restocked within the week. That was at the beginning of last week. >___>" Still trying to get one of the polishes for a fellow polish addict.

Just one teardrop... There were two more polishes my friend brought... one OPI and one China Glaze. The OPI is definitely a fake... not sure about the China Glaze. Does somebody now if there are fake CG polishes and how to identify them? Let's see what PayPal purchase protection will do...


Mio geht es wieder gut!

Mio ist wieder da!

Er war ja vergangene Woche sehr krank geworden, hatte hohes Fieber, Schüttelfrost und konnte nicht mehr laufen. Wir dachten schon, es wäre um ihn geschehen. Horrorstories findet man im Internet ja genug...

Mio war letztenendes 4 Tage stationär in der Tierklinik aufgenommen und wurde rund um die Uhr versorgt. Was er hatte wissen wir aber immer noch nicht. Da ein Wochenende dazwischen war, meinte der Tierarzt, dass man zwar Blut zum Testen einschicken könnte, das Ergebnis dann aber wegen dem Wochenende erst Mitte der Woche zu erwarten sei und bis dahin wäre Mio entweder tot oder wieder gesund.

Das Fieber ist aber sehr schnell nach der Antibiotika-Gabe gesunken, weshalb der Tierarzt davon ausgeht, dass es keine Impfreaktion war (die Symptome passten ja wie die Faust aufs Auge...), sondern eine septische Polyarthritis. Bakterien haben in Mios Gelenken wohl eine eitrige Entzündung verursacht. Es war also gut, dass er in der Klinik geblieben ist... da hätte auch eine Blutvergiftung draus werden können... :(

Jetzt ist er aber wieder daheim. Die ersten beiden Tage war er noch etwas ruhig und wackelig auf den Beinen, aber mittlerweile rast er herum als wäre nichts gewesen. Da bin ich natürlich sehr froh drum! Nur abgenommen hat er in den letzten Tagen gewaltig... aber das hat er bald wieder drauf! :)


Under the sea

Lately I'm really in love with green and teal shades. Basically, I'm in love with them since I won Sarah's giveaway that contained two awesome shades by models own. Looking at them I had this idea of an aquatic design. It took me a while to get around doing it, but I was really satisfied when I finally finished it. Especially because it was the first time in a few weeks that I actually did some nail art.

I have this habit of painting my nails so it looks right for me... but it always turns out to be hard to photograph in the end. So, I rotated this picture...

I used both the teal shades I got from Sarah, as well as every single teal and green shade I own. I first painted my nails with the darker of the two models own polishes (Slate Green) and then sponged the other colors on. That was the point when I first realized that the design I had in mind couldn't be done with the polishes I have. The difference of the shades is just not big enough to really pop. I imagined a nice sponged background and then stamp it with the metallic blue, green and silver shades I have. Like layering them. But well, won't do. So I decided on doing what I could and make it pop using glitter. Luckily, I had some blue and silver glitter sitting around as well as the holo polishes from Tera, that I also used in the end.

It doesn't look like what I wanted to do, but I still loved it. It was all sparkly, shiny and glossy. I'm satisfied with it because the colors are harmonizing. It was also very fun to do.

One thing I noticed: I barely had any tip wear even after one week of having this design on my nails. It could either be that models own polishes and my nails get along. On the other hand, I'm currently trying to get my nails in a more or less square shape. So maybe the new shape doesn't cause me so much tip wear while working. Please ignore my index finger nail though... couldn't get it into square shape that day :D

I wish there was some sun... those are all indoor pictures and none of them really show how pretty it was. :S
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