Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Under the sea

Lately I'm really in love with green and teal shades. Basically, I'm in love with them since I won Sarah's giveaway that contained two awesome shades by models own. Looking at them I had this idea of an aquatic design. It took me a while to get around doing it, but I was really satisfied when I finally finished it. Especially because it was the first time in a few weeks that I actually did some nail art.

I have this habit of painting my nails so it looks right for me... but it always turns out to be hard to photograph in the end. So, I rotated this picture...

I used both the teal shades I got from Sarah, as well as every single teal and green shade I own. I first painted my nails with the darker of the two models own polishes (Slate Green) and then sponged the other colors on. That was the point when I first realized that the design I had in mind couldn't be done with the polishes I have. The difference of the shades is just not big enough to really pop. I imagined a nice sponged background and then stamp it with the metallic blue, green and silver shades I have. Like layering them. But well, won't do. So I decided on doing what I could and make it pop using glitter. Luckily, I had some blue and silver glitter sitting around as well as the holo polishes from Tera, that I also used in the end.

It doesn't look like what I wanted to do, but I still loved it. It was all sparkly, shiny and glossy. I'm satisfied with it because the colors are harmonizing. It was also very fun to do.

One thing I noticed: I barely had any tip wear even after one week of having this design on my nails. It could either be that models own polishes and my nails get along. On the other hand, I'm currently trying to get my nails in a more or less square shape. So maybe the new shape doesn't cause me so much tip wear while working. Please ignore my index finger nail though... couldn't get it into square shape that day :D

I wish there was some sun... those are all indoor pictures and none of them really show how pretty it was. :S


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