Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Summer Night Sky

Wow, I didn't realize that it has been more than 2 weeks since my last proper post. Things are weird lately... I just don't feel like posting... not even feel like doing my nails as I used to. At least they kept growing without breaking on my left hand. My right hand is a different story, but it's getting better.

Nevertheless, before my mood change, I got my hands on some nice polishes. I saw a swatch of an Essence polish a while ago and I really couldn't understand why this one never cought my eye. I'm talking about Essence - Cool and the Gang, a very nice blue polish with a jelly finish. After seeing the swatches, I went and got it... and then in the same shop stumbled upon an OPI polish... which was on sale! Well, the sale price is about as much as you would have to pay in the US, but getting OPI for only 4.95€ here in Germany is amazing! I'm talking about OPI - Last Friday Night. I have been stalking this one since it is out, but you usually would have to pay 16€. After seeing more and more swatches I wasn't even sure if I really want it anymore... but being on sale, I couldn't resist. I could imagine it sooo well layered over Essence - Cool and the Gang.

And indead, I loved it!

I originally thought about doing a blue jelly sandwich, but in the end, I just layered the two polishes and put some top coat on. ♥ It reminds me of a summer night sky. Not dark altogether, still kind of bright, you know.

This 3 coats of Essence - Cool and the Gang plus 1 coat of OPI - Last Friday Night and one coat of my favorite Essence BtGN Top Sealer.

Sadly, the weather really wasn't nice. It took a few days until the sun was out and I had a camera around to take some in-the-sun pictures. So please excuse the tip wear. Also, I redid my pinky, because I was impatient again and smudged it... Got too tired to do 3 coats of Cool and the Gang though, so it's less opaque... ^^;



  1. This is really like a summer nights sky, so so pretty and sparkly! I love that essence colour:D The opi over it is sooo pretty!

  2. I love this!!! You are right about the night sky!

  3. This is very nice, I love it! Now that you have a jelly you have to try a candy mani!

  4. I love this! Very pretty!


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