Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Zoya - Tanzy... plus holo

Weather continued to be bad... so after finally taking off my starry night sky, I chose one of the polishes my friend brought me from her trip to the US. It's Zoya - Tanzy, a bright orange shade. I loved the swatches I have seen on other blogs. I just had to have my friend bring it.

No sunlight... the picture is kind of dull... and it's the best out of those I took. I'm not exactly sure if I like it on my nails, even though I adore the color.

Later, the sun actually showed itself. I took the chance to take some more pictures. Please excuse the tip wear...

I probably wore this for about 5 days. I would have taken it off after 3 days at most, if I hadn't been in a slump since a few weeks ago. But at least I got the chance to spice it up a bit in my opinion. While checking my local drugstores for a polish a fellow blogger from New Zealand was looking for, I also walked into my local Douglas store to see if they had some more OPI on sale: No luck. But I found another polish I had been looking for. It's Flormar - 392, the one I mentioned in my Essence - Holo post.

Flormar 392 has much finer holo particles and applies really well! I put one coat of it on my Tanzy mani just to see the effect... and loved it so much on Tanzy that I did my other 9 nails as well. I like it much better this way! Sparclelicious~


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