Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Let it Snow! Challenge 9: Snowbears

Good morning everyone!

For the last spam mani, I'd like to show my snowmen mani. Snowmen were the theme for week 9 of the Let it Snow! Challenge. I was thinking about what to do about his one. Snowmen have been done so many times already... but when I saw a rerun of that Coca Cola commercial with the polar bears, I knew that my snowmen would be snowbears instead.

I started with yet another gradient as my base. I chose rather light blue and white polishes and didn't use any underwear this time, so that gradient drove me crazy just a tiny bit. Then I applied the snow and hills. The snowbear was painted using white and blue acrylic paint instead of polish, because you can build up the diluted paints so nicely. I really need to find my watercolors and see how they'd work...

Thanks for reading!

Let it Snow! Challenge 8: Icicles


I'm continuing with my Let it Snow! Challenge spam! Here we have the mani for theme 8, icicles.

I rarely see icicles here in Germany. I guess most roofs are well insulated and reduce the occurance. I experienced massive icicles back in Japan, but the roofs there weren't insulated at all. But this year, I actually spotted two(!!) icicles in front of my window. Of course I had to take a picture of those 20 cm icicles. Woohoo. That day, I really felt like doing some nail art and painted my icicles - totally out of order.

The base was an unnamed baby blue Color Club topped with Orly Winter Wonderland. The latter had been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I finally added it to my collection. The icicles themselves were painted using white and purple acrylic paint.

Thanks for reading!

Let it Snow! Challenge 7: Fireside Glow

Hi again!

I feel like I'm spamming, but I really want to post my Winter manis, haha... I'm continuing with theme 7, fireside glow. The fireside at my house is probably going to keep glowing for at least another month, but it already has a completely different feeling to it than in January. Which is interesting, because it's actually colder now than back then.

Another gradient. I love gradients. I used orange, red and burgundy polishes for this one, but I can only name three of them. One of the Flormar duochrome, Zoya Rica and p2 celebrating red. I still like this mani a lot. On the tips I used alessandro Black Dots, which has a similar effect as OPI Black Spotted. I think it does look a bit like charcoal.

Once again, thanks for reading!

Let it Snow! Challenge 6: Winter Solstice

Here's one more mani for the Let it Snow! Challenge that's officially ending on March 31st... ^^;

Theme 6 was Winter Solstice and I remember that I was at a loss for this one. I researched quite a bit until I finally had an idea. I had a lot of pictures of this one taken at several steps into the mani, but I don't remember why I took them... lol. So, I'll just add a couple of the finished thing.

I was thinking of a winter sunrise... The nails are basically upside down, because I painted them from my perspective again. The sparkles are supposed to represent the fading stars, white and orange the sunrise, obviously. For the blue part, I tried to do a gradient with jelly polishes. That turned out better than I thought, but it was ruined a bit when my topcoat made the blue shrink. You can see the white underwear at the tips.

Did I ever mention that I love blue jellies?

Thanks for reading!

Samstag, 30. März 2013

Let it Snow! Challenge 5: Very Late New Year's

Hi everyone!

Phew, it sure has been a while... More than three months to be exact. I don't know what happened, but around Christmas, I suddenly lost my nail polish mojo. A lot of more or less bad things happened in my family and workplace afterwards, so I ended up polishing my nails once a week max... Lately, I feel like my thoughts are going more and more in a wrong direction though, so I want to start anew to keep me distracted at such times ^^ So thanks to all of you who are still following my blog even after three months with zero posts. I hope I can make up from now on!

Since I stopped polishing before Christmas, I didn't really participate in the Winter Challenge. I did most of the themes though and I'm going to post them from now on in a rather fast manner. So Happy New Years on Easter... but I don't really care right now. ^^;

I don't really remember what polishes I used. The base color is a very dark shimmering night sky blue by essence from my stash of untrieds (which didn't grow smaller in the past three months at all!). With a couple of Color Club glitters I painted those fireworks. It was very sparkly, but didn't last long on my nails. Too much for my mood back then. Oh well.

Thanks for reading!

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