Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Something abstract...

Not many words needed for this one. I just played around with several colors from the yellow to red spectrum on a nude background. I'm too much a perfectionist to like what I did here. The lines are not crisp enough for me... ^^; I sponged yellow and some light orange on the tips and then freehanded the lines with a striping brush.

And here's what I used, quite a lot actually:

I was surprised that I don't have a true red polish yet. They were all... different. :D

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Layering Flormar 07 and Misslyn "Queen of Hearts"

Today I have a layering experiment to show you. I'm not pleased with how the pictures turned out, but I love the result of my layering nonetheless. I only used two polishes, but I think they really compliment each other.

First is Flormar #07 from the Supershine line. It's a really beautiful coppery polish I had recently seen on another blog. I decided that I needed this too. It's quite opaque with just one coat, so maybe it works for stamping. I'll have to try that. #07 is not very streaky even though it's a metallic and it dried quite fast.

The polish I used to layer over Flormar #07 is actually my first Misslyn polish. Misslyn has been a name I recognized last year, when they returned to the drugstores. I think I bought a few things from them when I was a teenager. Misslyn was then only available in bigger department stores and not the cheapest. Last year they revised their product range and returned with a modernized display. I think bigger drugstores also feature this brand now. They have a nice nail polish range and feature a new LE every two month or so. But they are still a bit pricey.

Anyway, the polish I used for layering is from their current LE (Glam up your life) and is called Queen of Hearts. It looks very pretty in the bottle, so I gave in and bought myself a bottle. Misslyn polishes contain 10ml and cost 4,95€. Here's a quick swatch of the polish by itself.

This is two coats. I don't think it's meant to be worn alone. It is reeeeaaally sheer. I don't really know how to describe this color... Rosegold maybe? It's kind of golden and flashes pink as you can see on the swatch. Well, I had this idea that it would probably look great over Flormar #07, so I tried.

direct sunlight

indirect sunlight
Wow, this one was hard to photograph! The effect is actually pretty strong on the nail, but I couldn't capture it. Especially in sunlight, it just looked like Flormar #07 on its own. The picture in indirect sunlight gets close, but it is lacking the "glow".

Well, I decided that I would directly compare them. So I did some swatches on artificial nail tips.

Flormar - layered - Misslyn

The first is artificial light, the latter shows the rest of what used to be direct sunlight. I think it's more apparent now. I really do think those two shades compliment each other. Flormar #07 is pretty on it's own, but it's a nice choice of "underwear" for Misslyn Queen of Hearts. On its own, the Misslyn polish is sheer and somewhat pale? But it really starts to glow when layered over the beautiful copper.

I loved this manicure. <3 So glad I bought the polish. Now I'm still pondering whether to buy the other duochrome from this LE called Royal Desire. The swatches I have seen looked promising...

What do you think of my layering experiment? Do you own any Misslyn polishes and what do you think of them?

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Model's Own - Golden Green

A while before Christmas, I treated myself to my very first self-bought Model's Own polishes. I was browsing the asos-website and spotted a special deal on there. It was a set of three polishes from the Beetlejuice-Collection for only 13€. Since I had a coupon, I got the set for only 10,45€! I thought this was a great deal, so I placed an order.

The set contained not all of the colours I was interested in, but I came to like all of them. Included were Golden Green, Pinky Brown and Emerald Black. But since these polishes are not limited editions, that's fine with me. I can still get the rest of them later.

So today, I want to show you some pictures of Golden Green from when I wore it. This is actually the color I was the least excited about. This kind of green often doesn't go very well with my skintone. Surprisingly, this one goes rather well with my skintone, I think.

There is a slight duochrome effect, but I couldn't catch it with my camera. It changes to some kind of darker green. I think Golden Green is the prettiest in direct sunlight, when it glows in this very beautiful metallic green. It really does remind me of a beetle shell.

What I still don't like about Model's Own polishes, and not just about the Beetlejuice-Collection, is the smell. It's not as bad as Kleancolor, but still a lot stronger than my other polishes. I can only use those with my windows wide open. :(

What do you think about the Beetlejuice collection? Do you have problems with the smell too?

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

11 Fragen Tag

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde ich von Jenny von the world of mine mit dem 11 Fragen Tag bedacht. Ihre 11 Fragen möchte ich dann mal beantworten :)

Lieber ein gutes Buch oder doch ein Film im Tv?
Das hält sich bei in letzter Zeit die Waage. Gerade 2010 habe ich oft lieber einen Film geschaut, weil ich für meinen Abschluss ständig am Lesen war und einfach keine Lust mehr hatte noch mehr zu lesen. In letzter Zeit gewinnt ein gutes Buch aber wieder sehr an Stellung. Besonders seit ich die Game of Thrones-Reihe für mich entdeckt habe.

Wer ist dein/e Lieblingsschauspieler/in?
Habe ich ehrlich gesagt nicht!

Was machst du, um dir die Langeweile zu vertreiben?
Wenn ich Langeweile habe bastele ich mir entweder ein wenig neue Nailart oder backe Kuchen.

Magst du Schnee oder bist du froh, das wir dieses Jahr keinen wirklichen Schneefall hatten?
Ich finde es sehr schade, dass es diesen Winter in meiner Gegend erst einmal Schnee gab. Ich mag Schnee!

Könntest du jemals Vegetarier werden?

Ich denke, nein.

Wie sieht ein normaler Tagesablauf bei dir aus?
Mein Tag beginnt etwas pervers mit 1-1,5 Stunden Weckerklingeln im 5-Minuten-Takt. Ich weiß, ich könnte diese Zeit länger schlafen, wenn ich einfach mal aufstehen würde, wenn der Wecker klingelt :D Dann geht es zügig unter die Dusche und ab zur Arbeit. Wenn ich Spätschicht habe, gehe ich vorher noch eine Runde mit unserem Hund spazieren. Nach der Arbeit schlendere ich gern noch ein bisschen durch die Stadt. Daheim mach ich dann ein bisschen Hausarbeit, lerne meine halbe Stunde japanische Vokabeln und den Rest des Tages verbringe ich dann meistens am  PC. Nicht all zu spannend also :D

Am Wochenende geht es raus. Lieber in eine Disco oder in eine gemütliche Bar?
Definitiv lieber in eine gemütliche Bar. Mir ist es in Discos leider viel zu laut :(

Wo würdest du gerne einmal Urlaub machen?
Da ich schon zwei mal für eine längere Zeit in Japan war, fände ich es jetzt doof, dieses Land wieder auf die Liste zu setzen... Ich würde aber gern mal nach Südkorea fahren oder aber nach Irland. Sind beides Länder, die ich gerne mal besuchen würde.

Kochen oder lieber backen?
Definitiv lieber backen. Ich bilde mir auch ein ganz gut backen zu können :D

Gibt es eine Zeitschrift die du dir gerne anschaust?
Hier in Deutschland kaufe ich mir eigentlich keine Zeitschriften.  Ich lese gern die Bild der Wissenschaft, aber da sie so sagenhaft teuer ist, kaufe ich mir nur vor einem längeren Flug ein Exemplar. Online schaue ich mir gern Nailart-Magazine aus Japan an.

Dekomensch oder "alles nur Staubfänger" - Einstellung?
Ich würde mich als gesundes Mittelmaß bezeichnen. Ich mag Deko schon, solange es nicht kitschig wird. Wenn es dann aber ums Abstauben geht, kriege ich manchmal schon die Krise wenn ich alles hochheben muss ^^;

Da der Tag jetzt schon eine Weile durch die Bloggerwelt geistert, gebe ich ihn jetzt erstmal nicht weiter. Wer ihn dennoch beantworten möchte, darf dies aber gern tun und mir auch gern den Link schicken. :)

Water Marble Mess

It has been a long time since I tried to do a water marble mani. I failed every single try so far... but on New Years Eve I felt like trying again and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

It seems that I can't use my local tap water to water marble. It doesn't matter if the tap water is cold, warm or room temperature, the nail polish just clumps and falls to the bottom of the cup. So I tried bottled water. Well, I only have sparkling mineral water, which meant that I had to wait a little while until I could try to marble. ^^; But it worked. The polish didn't clump at all! When I try next time, I'll know what to do. I have to practice dragging the polish correctly, but I think for my first real try it looks ok.

Excuse the messy look. I didn't tape my fingers well enough it seems ^^;

I like my thumbs the best. I love how in some parts, the polishes would mix up to create a new color but still look crisp enough. I used p2 fancy, OPI Glitzerland and a brown polish by [b]asic.

A day later, I added one coat of essence Make it golden. It looked better in real life, but I still didn't like it too much ^^;

Have you tried to water marble? Any tips you want to share with me?

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Snowflake Bling Bling

I'm sorry for not posting in a week or so. I have some really nasty stuff to sort out and I don't know if I can at all... Well, I'll know on friday, I guess. I'll either scream with joy or be broke for the rest of the year... But I suppose it will be the latter.

I think I did today's mani on the last day of the Christmas holidays. I felt like a blingy manicure somehow. Well, I guess that was due to me browsing a lot of Japanese nail art blogs over the holidays. It's really interesting how different Japanese and, let's say, western nail art blogs are.

Anyway, I got inspired by one of the designs I discovered on a Japanese blog. I forgot to write down which one, though. The Japanese design was a gel manicure and stiletto length... they sure have a lot of "canvas" on those! But I decided that I would try something similar on my rather short nails.

I received some new nail art supplies in December, so I had a chance to use those too. So I ended up using 4 different sizes of rhinestones, buillon beads, two kinds of large pailettes and some studs. The snowflakes are not painted this time. I used some decals I bought in Japan years ago. I'm really reluctant on using those. I mean, if they are gone, I don't have any anymore ^^; And I don't know when I will be back in Japan next time. Aside from that, I didn't use anything special for this mani:

I think I'll be getting myself some svarowski rhinestones soon. I just hate how the acrylic ones get cloudy...

Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Holo plus snowflakes

This manicure, or at least the process of creating it, inspired me to go looking for a better silver nail polish. I already posted about the result of my shopping, but I still wanted to post about this mani anyway. It's not too bad, but I had something else in mind originally.

 I originally wanted to stamp those snow flakes on a silver metallic polish and I chose this silver polish by [b]asic, but it turned out to be one streaky mess. Hence, I decided to cover it up using Milani HD. I really like HD. I think I might like scattered holos better than linear ones... but I don't own too many linear holos yet!

Anyway, I stamped the snowflakes using p2 scandal. I messed up one finger - the image didn't transfer properly. To fill in some spots, I added some dots.

Here's what I used:

I might try this again using my new silver polish. It looks nice with the holo, but due to the holo effect the snow flakes are somewhat unimpressive. I want them to be the star of the mani though.

Hm, my next mani will be snow flakes too. I really love them. Sadly, we only had snow once this season yet. And only for about 3 days too. I want more snooooow! :D

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Diamonds on True Love

Sorry for not posting for a while. I got sick on Christmas and stayed in bed most of the time. I didn't stay home after the holidays and went to work instead... which eventually took its toll at the end of the week. So I celebrated New Years Eve at home too... :( I don't kow, I was really lacking the enthusiasm to finish working on my photos to be able to post something...

But I did today. So here is a design I wore the week before Christmas, I think. I wanted to wear essence True Love from the Vampire Love LE. I didn't really want this polish at first, because -to me- it didn't look special enough in the bottle. It just reminded me of too many other polishes I own. But after seeing swatches of it on different blogs, I changed my mind and went looking for it. Wow, this one was hard to find! It was obviously the most popular polish from this LE.

I wanted to do some nail art too and decided to add some diamonds in silver and gold. I don't know, I really suck at painting straight lines lately. Or at least, to keep a simple symmetry. I still liked it and got some nice comments from my co-workers.

Here's what I used:

essence True Love - essence silver Nail Art tip painter - p2 gold tip painter from the Ship Ahoy LE
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