Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Layering Flormar 07 and Misslyn "Queen of Hearts"

Today I have a layering experiment to show you. I'm not pleased with how the pictures turned out, but I love the result of my layering nonetheless. I only used two polishes, but I think they really compliment each other.

First is Flormar #07 from the Supershine line. It's a really beautiful coppery polish I had recently seen on another blog. I decided that I needed this too. It's quite opaque with just one coat, so maybe it works for stamping. I'll have to try that. #07 is not very streaky even though it's a metallic and it dried quite fast.

The polish I used to layer over Flormar #07 is actually my first Misslyn polish. Misslyn has been a name I recognized last year, when they returned to the drugstores. I think I bought a few things from them when I was a teenager. Misslyn was then only available in bigger department stores and not the cheapest. Last year they revised their product range and returned with a modernized display. I think bigger drugstores also feature this brand now. They have a nice nail polish range and feature a new LE every two month or so. But they are still a bit pricey.

Anyway, the polish I used for layering is from their current LE (Glam up your life) and is called Queen of Hearts. It looks very pretty in the bottle, so I gave in and bought myself a bottle. Misslyn polishes contain 10ml and cost 4,95€. Here's a quick swatch of the polish by itself.

This is two coats. I don't think it's meant to be worn alone. It is reeeeaaally sheer. I don't really know how to describe this color... Rosegold maybe? It's kind of golden and flashes pink as you can see on the swatch. Well, I had this idea that it would probably look great over Flormar #07, so I tried.

direct sunlight

indirect sunlight
Wow, this one was hard to photograph! The effect is actually pretty strong on the nail, but I couldn't capture it. Especially in sunlight, it just looked like Flormar #07 on its own. The picture in indirect sunlight gets close, but it is lacking the "glow".

Well, I decided that I would directly compare them. So I did some swatches on artificial nail tips.

Flormar - layered - Misslyn

The first is artificial light, the latter shows the rest of what used to be direct sunlight. I think it's more apparent now. I really do think those two shades compliment each other. Flormar #07 is pretty on it's own, but it's a nice choice of "underwear" for Misslyn Queen of Hearts. On its own, the Misslyn polish is sheer and somewhat pale? But it really starts to glow when layered over the beautiful copper.

I loved this manicure. <3 So glad I bought the polish. Now I'm still pondering whether to buy the other duochrome from this LE called Royal Desire. The swatches I have seen looked promising...

What do you think of my layering experiment? Do you own any Misslyn polishes and what do you think of them?

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