Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Holo plus snowflakes

This manicure, or at least the process of creating it, inspired me to go looking for a better silver nail polish. I already posted about the result of my shopping, but I still wanted to post about this mani anyway. It's not too bad, but I had something else in mind originally.

 I originally wanted to stamp those snow flakes on a silver metallic polish and I chose this silver polish by [b]asic, but it turned out to be one streaky mess. Hence, I decided to cover it up using Milani HD. I really like HD. I think I might like scattered holos better than linear ones... but I don't own too many linear holos yet!

Anyway, I stamped the snowflakes using p2 scandal. I messed up one finger - the image didn't transfer properly. To fill in some spots, I added some dots.

Here's what I used:

I might try this again using my new silver polish. It looks nice with the holo, but due to the holo effect the snow flakes are somewhat unimpressive. I want them to be the star of the mani though.

Hm, my next mani will be snow flakes too. I really love them. Sadly, we only had snow once this season yet. And only for about 3 days too. I want more snooooow! :D


  1. yeah, schneeeee! ich will ihn auch :D
    ich finde das ergebnis richtig kuhl, auch wenn der scandal ja leider nicht so deckend beim stampen ist. hübsch geworden =)


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