Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Model's Own - Golden Green

A while before Christmas, I treated myself to my very first self-bought Model's Own polishes. I was browsing the asos-website and spotted a special deal on there. It was a set of three polishes from the Beetlejuice-Collection for only 13€. Since I had a coupon, I got the set for only 10,45€! I thought this was a great deal, so I placed an order.

The set contained not all of the colours I was interested in, but I came to like all of them. Included were Golden Green, Pinky Brown and Emerald Black. But since these polishes are not limited editions, that's fine with me. I can still get the rest of them later.

So today, I want to show you some pictures of Golden Green from when I wore it. This is actually the color I was the least excited about. This kind of green often doesn't go very well with my skintone. Surprisingly, this one goes rather well with my skintone, I think.

There is a slight duochrome effect, but I couldn't catch it with my camera. It changes to some kind of darker green. I think Golden Green is the prettiest in direct sunlight, when it glows in this very beautiful metallic green. It really does remind me of a beetle shell.

What I still don't like about Model's Own polishes, and not just about the Beetlejuice-Collection, is the smell. It's not as bad as Kleancolor, but still a lot stronger than my other polishes. I can only use those with my windows wide open. :(

What do you think about the Beetlejuice collection? Do you have problems with the smell too?


  1. Sehr hübsche Farbe :)
    Allerdings, das die Lacke so stinken ist weniger schön :/

  2. I think it's lovely and I'm disappointed they don't sell it in New Orleans -- gorgeous! Bummer on the smell though...


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