Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Let it Snow! Challenge 9: Snowbears

Good morning everyone!

For the last spam mani, I'd like to show my snowmen mani. Snowmen were the theme for week 9 of the Let it Snow! Challenge. I was thinking about what to do about his one. Snowmen have been done so many times already... but when I saw a rerun of that Coca Cola commercial with the polar bears, I knew that my snowmen would be snowbears instead.

I started with yet another gradient as my base. I chose rather light blue and white polishes and didn't use any underwear this time, so that gradient drove me crazy just a tiny bit. Then I applied the snow and hills. The snowbear was painted using white and blue acrylic paint instead of polish, because you can build up the diluted paints so nicely. I really need to find my watercolors and see how they'd work...

Thanks for reading!


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