Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Let it Snow! Challenge 10: Hot Chocolate

Hi everyone,

as I'm going to try catching up with the challenge, I'm continuing with my season-unappropriate postings. :P Today's is going to be about theme 10 from the Let it Snow Challenge: Hot Chocolate.

I love hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is the only form of warm milk I drink... but sadly, my stomach can't handle it well. But since I love the taste so much, I'm kind of used to dealing with the consequences afterwards. ^^;

I'm cheating a little bit for this theme. I didn't really do any nail art, but played around with glitters to create a top coat instead. You see, I don't have any indie polishes in my stash, but I tried to get my hands on one bottle for the first time around christmas. I totally fell in love with the KB Shimmer winter collection. Especially with the shade called Cocoa Nut. I really really wanted that. But I just didn't manage to get a bottle from the shops that send international. KB Shimmer polishes sure are sold out fast...

Instead, I thought about creating something close enough for me to not be too sad about not getting this polish. So I threw together a lot of glitters and applied this creation over a brown polish, I also mixed together from three different brown shades.

I like the look, but it's nowhere close to Cocoa Nut. ^^; I overdid it a little with the density of the glitters. This would be solveable by adding more clear polish. But I wish I had pinker glitters in my stash. The ones I used were mostly rose colored and slightly too big. They just don't pop as much as the ones in Cocoa Nut... So my quest for Cocoa Nut continues...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohh its a great attempt! I wonder if it'd work by swipping a thin coat of sheer pink or red over the mani to make it much more reddish/pinkish tone to it. Anyway, yay for Hot Chocolate! My all time favourite drink too (especially with minty taste in them).

  2. It's pretty!! You don't need to spend all that on an indie when you can make the same effect by getting creative. I also like your unseasonable nails xD I also have foods my stomach cannot handle and the consequences are WORTH IT. Case in point: cheesecake. ;) Glad to see you posting again!


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