Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

China Glaze - Dorothy Who

Since I still have a ton of older manicures sitting in my picture folder, I decided to post one of these before continuing with the pastel manis. I finished my third though and I'm probably going to do my fourth today. :D

Anyway, at the end of last year, I ordered some polishes from the states and part of that order was China Glaze Dorothy Who. I love blue polish and glitter is always gorgeous! I wasn't disappointed in the polish. But I was disappointed in my camera, because the pictures don't really show how pretty it was in person. All pictures, except the last, were taken underneath my daylight lamp.

I decided to bling it up a bit. I still have a ton of those spacer rings here, that I originally bought because I wanted to make a couple of earrings. Since I didn't have anything better at hand, I thought these would pass as nail stuff too. But well, they're not meant for this, so they're no perfect circle and are not entirely flat either. Not very noticeable from afar though.
In each of these rings, I also placed a clear rhinestone.

Well, on these close-ups you can obviously tell that those are spacer rings, haha. I topcoated them rather generously, so they were actually quite smooth. They didn't catch on anything, even though they're not flat. All of them stayed on until I changed my polish three days later.

The polish itself was nice and workable too. But it's a jelly to let the glitter shine... which also means that any staining can peek through and I think that's the case with my nails. They're not stained as badly anymore, but I guess I'd still wear some camouflaging base coat underneath next time... ^^;

What do you think of this embellishment experiment?

Thanks for reading and until next time~


  1. What a cool mani - makes me think of all-seeing eyes - feeling watched LOL

  2. True! That is actually a nice idea for an orientalic inspired manicure. I have to remember that ^^

  3. das sieht ja hübsch aus :)
    echt ein total schöner Lack! vorallem mit den silbernen ringen :)


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