Montag, 29. April 2013

Asian Dragon

I went a little crazy painting my nails this weekend. But it was fun. ^^
I wanted to paint an asian dragon over all my nails. That seemed okay, but while I was painting I realized, that right now my nails are either too small for this kind of painting, or I simply drew too big. Maybe a little of both.

For my dragon manicure, I mainly used
- A-England Dragon (noooo, not the reason I drew a dragon at all...) body
- Kiko 395 body
- Flormar SuperShine 07 body outline
- Priti NYC Queen Victoria back
- China Glaze Riveting details on the back
- OPI My vampire is buff background

Since I really battled with my hand while trying to take pictures, I decided to take seperate pictures as well and just put them together... My hand is not flexible enough. ;( Wow! to all those ladies who can bend their hand to take proper pictures like that...

just the dragons body...

in cloudy daylight

I actually used polishes only (ok, except for the dragon's teeth)! I really like how the scales turned out. I ended up doing them differently from my plan, but it works. I just wish my nails were longer. I would have loved to paint more than one foot... and more~ tail.

So, what do you think of my excessive painting? Do you agree that a bit more space to paint on might have been good?

I'm going to upload my dragon to Kayla's indie polish contest. There are some really nice manis uploaded my close to 40 other nail artists. ^^

Ok, thanks for reading~ Tomorrow, I'll continue with my pastels.


  1. Very pretty <3 the details are stunning :)

  2. Wow, ist das toll! Das hat bestimmt sehr lange gedauert, aber der Drache ist wunderschön geworden :-)

  3. Oh, he is gorgeous, I love him!!!

  4. Omgosh this is stunning and amazing!! Love the art and details you added in! Love it!

  5. Ups, den hatte ich ja noch garnicht gesehen. Toll.
    Ich finds bei Manis dieser Art nur immer schade, daß das Kunstwerk nicht so offensichtlich ist.

    Liebe Grüße,

  6. das sieht soooo toll aus *_*


  7. Oh WOOOOOOW - this is totally amazing, so gorgeous and well painted!!


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