Sonntag, 31. März 2013

Let it Snow! Challenge 6: Winter Solstice

Here's one more mani for the Let it Snow! Challenge that's officially ending on March 31st... ^^;

Theme 6 was Winter Solstice and I remember that I was at a loss for this one. I researched quite a bit until I finally had an idea. I had a lot of pictures of this one taken at several steps into the mani, but I don't remember why I took them... lol. So, I'll just add a couple of the finished thing.

I was thinking of a winter sunrise... The nails are basically upside down, because I painted them from my perspective again. The sparkles are supposed to represent the fading stars, white and orange the sunrise, obviously. For the blue part, I tried to do a gradient with jelly polishes. That turned out better than I thought, but it was ruined a bit when my topcoat made the blue shrink. You can see the white underwear at the tips.

Did I ever mention that I love blue jellies?

Thanks for reading!

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