Samstag, 5. November 2011

Biocura - Fliederzauber

So today, I want to show you a polish called Fliederzauber. It's by the brand Biocura, that is only sold by German discounter Aldi Nord. I'm not living in a region that has Aldi Nord stores, but luckily my sister is, so I asked her to get it for me. Very nice of her!

Fliederzauber is actually a holographic polish that retails for 1,99€ and contains 11ml per bottle. A lot of other nail polish lovers in Germany too were very surprised that a discounter like Aldi Nord would sell holographic nail polish - and a pretty one at that!

I did this manicure ages ago, but since I rarely do French manicures and thought that technically this one turned out okay, I didn't want to just skip it. So I first painted my nails with 2 coats of Fliederzauber, no base coat this time. 2 coats were okay, but some may prefer three. I'm not very fond of the brush, but I can't complain here since the polish was only 1,99€. Just like a lot of holographic polishes, Fliederzauber is on the thin side too, but it's still okay. It tends to drag a little bit when you apply the second coat too early. Impatient me had to redo one or two nails because of that... ^^;
Anyway, when all 2 coats were dry I added p2 rich as my French color. Fliederzauber and rich look nice together, but I didn't like the combination at first. I actually didn't like Fliederzauber with my skintone at first, but after a few days, it grew on me.

I used top coat here and it didn't dull the holo effect. Fliederzauber is not a strong holo, but rather a subtle one. It is still very pretty though. I'm definitely going to ask my sister to get me at least one backup. You never know how long they will be selling this beauty...

One more thing about this manicure concerns p2 rich. I had this feeling that rich is a dupe for Deborah Milano's Mirror Glow No.153 that I wore a while ago. Colorwise, I still think it is. But that's it. rich does contain flakies too, but they are way more pronounced in No.153. The effect is completely different. So I decided for myself that these two are no dupes. (yes, I feel better now that those two are no dupes :D)

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  1. So pretty, I love the black tips. When I was younger I used to do a french with black tips and every time my Grandfather would grab my hands and say it looked like underneath my nails were dirty, never failed, but I still love it.


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