Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

My first One Stroke-attempt

Another nail art technique that always looked so fascinating to me is the One Stroke technique. I already attempted this technique a few times, mostly on paper to practice. Anyway, this time I felt like doing some One Stroke flowers on my nails. ^^;

I ended up with one of my favorite color combinations: turquoise, white and pink. It was rather summery, but it was one of those rare sunny days. I really miss summer already. It's not that I don't like winter - I actually love it, because I can finally wear my whole collection of stockings and boots again. But I hate the fact that I leave home when it is still dark, and return back home in the evening... and again, it's dark. I can't even take proper pictures anymore.

So here is my summery One Stroke manicure. I chose essence Fall for me as the base color and added one coat of essence glisten up! The latter turned the light blue Fall for me into a light turquoise - beautiful. Sadly, it's hard to see the pretty sparkle on these pictures.

The One Stroke flowers were painted using white and pink acrylic paint. My brush was a bit too small, but I already bought myself some new ones. ^^; The assorted dots were done with my new dotting tools. Top Coat is essence BTGN Top Sealer as usual.

See? Dark outside :( But you can see some of the pretty sparkle.

Today, my left index finger nail broke. Completely. But I refuse to cut the other 4. I guess my pictures will look weird for a while now. :( Sadness.


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