Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Cupcake-Nails - mein Beitrag für das Gewinnspiel bei mel et fel

Wow, I really loved doing this manicure! It was sooo much fun! :D

I did this manicure as a birthday present to Karmesin's daughter Lisa, who's turning 1 year old today. Karmesin from mel et fel is currently celebrating her daughter's birthday as well as her first 100 followers. She's having a cute little giveaway and part of it is a little contest. I just had to enter, because I immediately knew, that this was *the* chance to finally do Cupcake nails, hehe. I wanted to do some for a while, but there was no birthday around... :D If anyone from Germany, Austria or Switzerland still wants to participate, click "giveaway". The giveaway is still open for another 2 days.

So here is the result: Happy Birthday, Lisa!

I used a lot of essence polishes as base colors: 01 a hint of mint, 03 my yellow fellow, 05 forget-me-not from the Blossoms etc LE, Fall for me from the multi dimension line. And Essie French Affair, my current favorite pink polish. The cupcakes itself were painted using acrylic paint. It just dries faster. I filled the little hearts with some holo polish, Flormar 392. Top Coat is my beloved essence BTGN Top Sealer.

I think, for a first try, my cupcakes turned out okay. I really regret using the essence Express Dry Drops though. The polishes dried faster, but they also bubbled and the bubbles are even showing in the acrylic paint. :( That kind of destroyed it for me. But I still liked it. It's just so colorful! :)

What do you think? Anybody owns these Express Dry Drops and wants to share their experience?


  1. Wow, danke! Wirklich klasse gemacht! Und habt ihr denn auch schön gefeiert mit eurem Geburtstagskind? Bei uns wars ganz lustig, auch wenn Lisa keine Torte bekommen hat, sie mag Brötchen und Käse am liebsten;-)

  2. nice blog~ walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. aww, das sieht so toll aus! und ich LIEBE deinen blognamen, das könnte auch ich sein^^


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