Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Mattified blue and some glitter from the sea

Today another rather quick manicure. I had the late shift for about 3 weeks and was thus lacking the time to do proper designs. I just can't find the time in the morning... Also, I always end up bumping into something ruining all my work, so I prefer to do my nails in the evening.

Anyway, this is what I painted my nails like after I finished taking pictures for my Advent calendar tutorial. It's the same blue polish, but I just didn't feel like snowflakes yet. ^^

So this is p2 fancy, mattified using essie matte about you. Instead of matte about you, I used essence Mystic Mermaid on my accent nail. It's one of the Special Effect Toppers released sometime this year.
All my close up pictures of Mystic Mermaid ended up blurred, so sorry.

Since I didn't have much time to redo my manicure after 2 days of tipwear, I decided to use another of my untrieds: China Glaze Atlantis. It changed the color from blue to a dark blueish green which I found very beautiful. I loved it the most over Mystic Mermaid. All the pictures don't really do it justice though. The sparcle was soooo great!

I'm still not a 100% convinced though, that my bottle of Atlantis is genuine... :(


  1. Hallo !!!!

    Ich bin schon Leser auf deinem Blog

    Übrigens ein sehr schöner Blog gefällt mir richtig gut.

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du auch mal auf meinen Blog vorbei schaust

    Und Leser bei mir wirst, fals du es noch nicht bist.

    Viele Liebe Grüße aus Mönchengladbach !!


  2. omg, ich glaube meinen nächsten metallischen lack, den ich lackiere muss ich unbedingt mattieren *__* das ist ja der burner! aber der chinaglaze topper toppt ja noch mal alles :D sieht wirklich großartig aus, aber ich bin ja auch so ein riiiiiesen glitzerfan ^^ (zumindest auf den nägel ^^)


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