Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

French Manicure... somehow

Today, I want to show you a manicure I did a while back... that I'm still not sure is a fail or a non-fail. It didn't turn out the way I imagined, but it's not all bad...
I wanted to do something French manicure-like without the clean look of a classic French manicure. I imagined a sponged look with some silver. Since I used only polishes that I hadn't used before, it didn't exactly look the way I wanted it too.

But just take a look...

There's only one picture, because I was so unimpressed with the final result, that I only took a total of four pictures. ^^;

Anyway, I used Catrice Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower as my French base color. I sponged some white using essence Perfectly True and then sponged some Catrice My Best Friend's Tiara on top. I imagined the latter to be much more silvery than in turned out to be. My swatches looked more promising. Cotton Candy  is a nice color, but it gets quite milky looking and I think due to that, there was not enough contrast to the sponged white. I added those star rhinestones to give it something extra since the silver didn't show the way I wanted it to.

I don't know if I like it or not. Looking at my other manis, it's kind of boring. It's not exactly "me". But I still can't seem to say that I *don't* like it, too.


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