Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

My Christmas mani

On the last day of the Christmas holidays here in Germany, I want to show my Christmas manicure that I have been wearing on the 24th and the 25th. Yep, I already changed it. (Too much inspiration these days)

I bought myself a new dress on the 23rd and decided that I would wear it on Christmas Eve, the big holiday here in Germany. I only celebrated with my parents, sisters and grandparents, but I still felt like dressing up a little. The dress is white and taupish satin, so I had to think of a new design. But since I was running out of time, it's just a layering of some glitter polishes. I still liked the outcome a lot though. It really matched the dress.

Here's what I used:

* Microcell 2000 Nail Repair (base)
* Catrice Be my Millionaire
* Canmake 05
* Canmake 70
* essence BTGN Top Sealer

All polishes I haven't used in ages! Be my Millionaire is among my first Catrice polishes, but well, my collection started growing exponentially and I never got around to wear it again. Same goes for the glitters. Canmake is a Japanese brand, by the way.

Be my Millionaire on its own. To sum it up: beautiful color, but streaky as hell! I doubt I will ever wear this one solo! This is two coats which applied effortlessly and dried quite quickly, too.

Doesn't this one look like I mattified it?

One coat of each of the glitters on top and then finished with one coat of BTGN Top Sealer. It looked really pretty and sparkly. Canmake and the Top Sealer don't like each other apparently. Even though it dried for several hours, I still got sheet marks on my tips where I applied the glitters. Meh.


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