Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Some checkered nails

I recently got my new nail art brushes and one of them is a nice striping brush. To see if I can work with something like that, I did my first checkered nails. I admit that I never used a striping brush before. I also admit that I should have. It was so easy to do those nails with this new brush.

I got the idea from some japanese nail art magazine, but I don't recall which one and which issue.

I used Catrice Dirty Berry as the base color. I *love* this one. It was my very first Catrice polish and it was a great choice. If you have the chance, you should get it! I then painted a white halfmoon using white stamping polish and another one on top of the white using silver nail polish. Yes... I fail at painting halfmoons. I couldn't find my guides though. Lastly I used black and silver polish to do the stripes and added some silver glitter to the silver halfmoons. Topped with top coat and done. The next day, I also added some rhinestones.

I was actually quite proud when I was finally done. It took a while to do all these layers. Still, in the end, I think that the silver halfmoons turned out way too big. I should have made them smaller, so the white could show better. This way, I feel like there's too much silver.
What do you think?


  1. Ein tolles Nail Design ,sehr hübsch! :)

    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Wow, das schaut wirklich toll aus :D

  3. die silber halbmonde finde ich auch ein kleines bisschen zu groß geworden, aber ansich ist das design erste sahne!!
    ich will auch so nen pinsel (was ist das denn für einer??) und sowas tolles hinkriegen :D

  4. Woooow, das sieht ja echt hammer aus.


  5. Soooo pretty! Am I the only person in the world that has issues with striping brushes? Somehow I always manage to mess up in the end XD


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