Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Zoya - Julieanne

Julieanne is my fourth Zoya I bought. I got it for little money from Kleiderkreisel. The picture of the bottle looked soooo pretty! It showed so many colors embedded in the purple base. I just had to get it. So I did.

After applying, I noticed that I hadn't used rhinestones in quite some time and decided to add a few. I also noticed that the small container with my bullion beads had "leaked" somehow. Nargh. Since I had them there already, I decided to add those as well. It's nothing fancy, but I thought it fits Julieanne's pretty purple.

I played around a bit with those bullion beads. I did one circle on my right hand and and added another on my left hand. In RL I actually liked the simple one circle-design better, but on the pictures it's the double circle, I prefer.

The pretty multi-color the bottle showed, didn't show on the nails, sadly, but I still like Julieanne a lot. I really like those glass-flecked polishes. It's like they have something special going on. Just like holo polishes do as well. ♥

1 Kommentar:

  1. das sieht gut aus mit dem "diamanten" auf dem nagel! gute idee, nicht nur den finger zu beschmücken sondern auch den nagel! :-)


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