Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

Nubar 2010 vs essence - Waking Up in Vegas

So I got lucky yesterday and found an almost full display of the new essence LE "re-mix your style". They actually already removed it from all the stores that had it last weekend. Sometimes, I'm glad that one store is always late with the displays...

Anyway, this means, I finally got my hands on essence Waking Up in Vegas, the "sparkling finish" top coat. From the promo pictures I already guessed it would be similar to my beloved Nubar 2010. Seeing it now, makes me think it's pretty much a dupe. So I had to find out how close immediately.

They look similar in the bottle, right? The left one seems to be glowing a bit more, but I guess that's just my lighting. ^^;

I used a darker color as a base this time. It's a no name polish... that actually has the most aweful smell among all my polishes. Bleh. But from all the manicures with flakies I did so far, I actually like this the best. Tera was right :D

And now the comparison:

I have one coat of Nubar 2010 on my index and ring finger. My middler finger and pinkie are painted with one coat of essence Waking up in Vegas. Do you see a difference? Not really? Me neither.

If I had to say anything, I would say that the flakies in Waking up in Vegas are slightly bigger and maybe a bit more dense, but nothing really noticeable. The consistency is the same: both are a bit thicker than your usual polish, but both apply well. Drying time was good with both of them.

My final verdict: pretty well done dupe! Considering that Waking up in Vegas retails for 1,75€ ($2,40) and Nubar 2010 for about $7.49, I would say grab Waking up in Vegas while you can!



  1. great comparison post!!!!! thx!!
    I've also bought this one and the other special top coats from this collection this week! can't wait to try them!

  2. Sie ist nun meine allerliebste Verkäuferin! ^^

  3. Great comparison! I love Nubar 2010!


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