Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Catrice - Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans

Just a quick post. A while ago, my local Douglas store started selling Catrice nail polishes. Catrice is actually not available in my city normally. I have to drive about 40km, if I want to buy some. So I was happy when I found a Catrice nail polish display in my city. It would be great if they would be selling other Catrice stuff as well, but I don't want to complain - it's better than nothing. And next year every DM store is going to sell Catrice anyway. :)

Okay, so to the manicure. I got a few polishes from the Catrice display of course. One of them is Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans. I had seen swatches on several blogs and really loved the shade. I still do. I liked it enough to not add anything to it! That rarely happens. Sadly, I completely failed at taking pictures! There's only one that actually turned out okay. I should really transfer pictures to my computer more quickly. Like before removing a manicure...

Anyway, this is Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans. First is in morning sunlight, second in evening sunlight. Quite a difference, right!?

And yes, my nails are longer here, because this is the manicure I did before my fail. I forgot to post this one first ^^;

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  1. Uwaaaa that is a really lovely colour! And yay for being able to get them locally! I hope some day someone will bring them to Greece too XD


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