Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Halloween-Mani #2 - playing around with Zombie Zest

Okay, another late Halloween-Mani. I won China Glaze Zombie Zest in a giveaway this summer and had been waiting for fall/halloween so it would finally be an appropriate color. This is my very first China Glaze polish and I love the color!

I was a bit surprised though how sheer it was. And since it is my first China Glaze I was a bit greedy and decided that I need to layer Zombie Zest to preserve it ^^; I swatched it over every green and brown polish I own and finally decided to layer it over a metallic green polish from the drugstore brand basic. This is my second time wearing this green.

This is the basic polish on its own. It doesn't have a name or a number like most of basic's polishes. Annoying. It's a dark green metallic polish with slightly blue hue. It looks bluer in the picture than it really is. It's pretty streaky, but since I wanted to layer anyway, it didn't bother me much.

Two thin coats of Zombie Zest on top and it looks completely different. I needed two coats because the pretty glitter didn't spread completely evenly... which I didn't like.

The last picture was taken in daylight on a cloudy day. The pictures don't do the polish justice though. It seemed to have an inner glow somehow. Soooo pretty! I was staring at my nails a lot and because I liked it so much on its own, I didn't even add nailart until the very last day.

On the last day of wear, I was going through my nailart stuff and found out that I had a halloween themed stamping plate all along. Duh. I completely forgot about it. So right before taking this pretty green off my nails, I decided to play with the plate.

Hm. I even used my special white stamping polish by Konad, but on most nails the image didn't transfer well. A lot of the polish would still be on the stamper too, even if the image transfered properly. Maybe the plate's engraving is a little bit to "deep"? No idea. The spider from the same plate didn't transfer at all. In the end, I quickly painted some with the stamping polish and added some red rhinestones for contrast.

I wore this for like half a day. I still like Zombie Zest a lot better on its own, but I got to play around with a forgotten stamping plate, so it's okay. One thing I noticed again while looking through my photos of this mani... my camera really doesn't like greens. It failed before and this time once again! If my other camera weren't so bitchy with her batteries, I would use it more... :(

How do you like my Zombie Zest-layering? I yet have to wear Zombie Zest on its own... buuuut, so greeeeedy... can't waist it!!! ^^;


  1. der basis-lack sieht echt gut aus, gibts den noch beim schlecker? wieviele schichten von dem basic sind das? hübsche mani auf jeden fall :D

  2. I adore it layered like that! I kick myself for passing it up last year.

  3. Das sieht ja mal richtig toll aus! :-) LG Nina :-)


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