Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Milani - Hi-tech

Another week has passed.... again! Time is flying by so quickly lately... :(

Anyway, we have had sunny weather in Germany! So I decided to wear one of my new holographic polishes. I chose Milani's Hi-tech, the green polish from their holo line.

Greens are usually a difficult color for me, but this one works with my skin tone, I think. I like Hi-tech a lot! It's all sparkly and shining soooo pretty in the sunlight. Sadly, my camera failed me at taking pictures. I don't know how many I took exactly, but most of them were totally weird. It really seemed to me that the holo effect was too much for my camera. Or maybe the combination of holo and the green. No idea.

I recently decided to cut down my nails. I'm working a lot more on the computer lately and my nails started to get in my way while typing. It's way more convinient right now, but I miss the length... Looking at these pictures doesn't make it better at all... Plus, right after cutting them down, they started breaking again. And here I thought my nails were finally getting stronger :(

1 Kommentar:

  1. Tolle Farbe.
    Hach ja, das mit der länger kenn ich.
    Man freut sich total, das sie so lang sind und gut halten und all das und wenn man sie dann doch kürzt heult man der alten länge hinterher :D.


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