Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Glitter Sandwich in Red

Since I finally found a few jelly polishes here in Germany, I had to try more of those sandwiches, that I got to love so much... especially while the weather was nice and a jelly could really glow!

One of my newest jellies is essence - Call it Fame from the now discontinued multi dimension series. It's a really nice bright red. Red is a color I haven't really been wearing so far. I own a few reds, but none as bright as this one. I prefered darker red shades. But Call it Fame really screamed 'buy me', so I bought it, haha. I got it while the essence polishes were on sale.


The first two pictures show the polish in direct sunlight, the latter at the window in my room.
 As much as I avoided bright reds so far, I love this one! I wasn't really bothering with clean up here, because I would be layering anyway :D

This time I actually remembered taking pictures before layering ^^; But that was partly due to me being stunned by this beautiful red...

Anyway, I still wanted to do my glitter sandwich. I decided on essence - make it golden, the new golden glitter polish and essence - 04 carrie, a pink glitter topper from the nail art twins that has been discontinued as well. Finally, I finished my sandwich with one coat of OPI - Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? - I really love this one. I love orange polishes :D

It's kind of busy looking, but I like it. My sister hated it. She kept being noisy all week while I was wearing this. I basically like the combination, but I'm not sure I like the fine golden glitter in make it golden. I might have to buy another gold glitter that's not too golden, when you know what I mean.

Hm, I think I might have liked this with my dress today. ^^

What do you think? Do you wear bright reds like these?


  1. Call It Fame is a beautiful red! I love how the gold shows through the orange on top. It looks amazing!

  2. es wäre so lieb von dir wenn du ein paar dupes übernehmen könntest, ich wäre dir ewig dankbar :)
    du darfst dir sogar aussuchen womit ich dich zuspamme ^^ lidschatten, lippenstifte oder blush? nagellacke hat mein freund sich schon gekrallt ^^


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