Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

essence - Style me Love

Today, I have one of the polishes from the essence LE called "Nails in Style". It was released this summer. My local drugstores got it quite late... around the time when I had asked my friend to get me all these nice polishes in the states. I felt so poor... and still couldn't stop buying more here in Germany. ^^; I remember that I felt all these stares when I paid like 8 polishes on the register. Tehehe.

After Milani's Hi-tech, I felt like wearing another bright color and stumbled upon "Style me Love", a pink/silver metallic polish. For some reason, I forgot to take pictures when I had this on my nails. I didn't copy my pictures to my computer for a while, so I didn't notice! When I noticed later on I quickly took some... the thing is, I had cut down my nails in the mean time...

I was quite opaque after just one coat, but I applied two. Also, it dried really fast on the surface. I had to apply this polish very quickly or I would have dragged it. But I like the result.

When I took it of, I discovered another side of this polish:

The same polish! While taking it off, I noticed that the pink would go away really quickly, leaving the silver that was harder to remove. The silver has a lilac tint, that I adore!

I'm so glad my nails are already longer than the first pictures in this post. My fingers felt so short, haha.


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