Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Fairylike Layering?

The manicure, I'm showing you today is a layering experiment I did a while ago. (I still had long nails... man, I regret cutting them short...)

I really wanted to try another of the Model's Own polishes I got this summer and I chose Utopia. I'm not sure how to describe this shade. It's kind of grey/beige/lavender all mixed together. A really unusual color. I'm glad it was in the lot I got!

When I applied it, I didn't like it on my skintone. It was late at night and I only had my usual bad lighting. Well, this is basically the reason I decided to layer something on top. I used Golden Rose #156, a really sheer pinkish gold. I really liked how one coat of Golden Rose #156 changed the appearence of Utopia. It's not a very pronounced change, but it made me like Utopia on my nails!

Not enough for me that night though! In one of my last posts, I showed Nubar 2010 layered over Nubar Mali-Blue. I didn't really like the combination that time (I liked it on the photos ^^;), so I decided to give it another shot. It seemed fitting to me, because the flakies in Nubar 2010 gave me the impression to be similar to Golden Rose colorwise.

It did change the manicure a lot though. I really liked the combination, even though I got quite a lot of negative comments, haha. But I guess a lot of people don't like light polish, so it was to be expected. I really like how 2010 looks completely different on Utopia depending on the lighting.

Also, since my nails were actually long enough, I finally tried painting the back of my nails. I really loved the idea, when Tera from Nails in Nippon posted her try on this. Not that people would notice it as subtle as it was ^^;

Okay, and because I forgot to take a picture of Utopia on its own, I quickly swatched it... please excuse the messy application. :D


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