Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

p2 - passion

In the past few weeks I didn't do much nailart. I just painted my nails a single color and left it at that. If I liked it.

The following is a color I bought recently when I found out that I don't have this kind of shade in my repertoire yet. I didn't look for swatches first or swatched it in the store. Well, I should have.

The polish I bought is passion by p2, a German drugstore brand. I like p2 a lot. The polishes are usually opaque in 2 coats and are quite easy to apply. I don't fancy the new brushes too much though. Well, passion is one of the new colors out since spring that has the new bruch. It's okay, but I liked the old one better. In the bottle it looks like some kind of pastel-ish coral pink, which I liked. It just didn't look like this on my nails. It turned out to be rather neon and that was more than I wanted the day I applied the polish. Don't get me wrong, I like the color. It's just really bold and not really what you would expect just looking at the bottle.

I forgot to take a picture of the polish on it's own. Sorry.

Well, I wanted the kind of shade the bottle was suggesting. So, I put a coat of p2 matte top coat on. I liked it much better that way. Now it kind of looks like the shade in the bottle. ;)

I still couldn't leave it alone and painted some "corals" on it using p2 - Fifth Avenue. I wore this about one week - until I couldn't look at the tip wear anymore *laugh*



  1. Kennst du die Bloggerin auch ? <3
    Ja^^ bloß leider sollen sie recht teuer sein...
    Aber bin mal gespannt, es soll auch sachen für H&M Preise geben^^

    Ne spreche ich nicht:D Ich klicke immer auf den übersetzer Button links an der seite^^



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