Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Blood Oranges!

So this is kind of out of order... I'm soooo behind doing my blog posts... :S

Anyway, I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday and secluded myself to my room. This is one of the situations when I pretty much always end up doing nail art. The facebook group Polish-aholic Anonymous is doing themed Mondays every week and I have been looking at pictures of other member's work for the past few weeks. So I decided to do my first Monday Nail Art Challenge yesterday. This week's theme is fruits... I'm very much obsessed with blood orange tea right now, which is why I decided my mani was to be blood orange themed.

I love how the background of yellow and white turned out. It looked very pretty on its own. I can't really say what polishes I used for this mani, because I mixed them to get the kind of shade I was looking for. Let's say, I used a lot ^^; Especially for the oranges and reds. And I used some polishes for tthe very first time. :P

I didn't know where I put my dark brown polish, which I needed to do the twig, so I used brown eyeshadow pigment and clear polish to draw it. Not perfect, but it worked.

This mani is by far perfect. I still can't color round shapes, so they look 3-dimensional. I wonder if I will ever be able to. But the worst thing that happened was my impatience. I just couldn't wait for the colors to dry and applied top coat way to early. So some of the polishes got dragged. Oh well.


  1. Mit Lidschattenpigmenten ausgeholfen ist doch auch mal was, nur gewusst wie :D!
    Der Zeigefinger gefällt mir gut^^. Das aufgetupfte ist schaut gut aus(sieht jedenfalls aufgetupft aus :D).

    Liebe Grüße, Jenny

  2. Das is so waaahnsinnig schön *.*

  3. this is simple Amazing! - I love it xxx


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