Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Black & Gold

Since I like to do things chronologically, I still have two manicures to show until the manicure I did with the polishes I got from Sarah. This one is actually the last one you could call "nailart" until the one I'm wearing right now.

I guess most of you know the European brand essence and that this very brand likes to do Limited Editions quite a lot. So one of the current LE's is called "Ballerina Backstage". I wasn't really interested in this LE at first, but went to check it out in my favourite drugstore anyway. This is when the black polish called "Grand-Plié in Black" caught my eye. It's black with tiny bits of orange glitter in it. And this made me think of some art supplies I recently bought, as well as Robin Moses' transfer foil manicures, that I usually find awesome.

In the end, I bought the polish, of course...

Since I was thrilled about that (supposedly) great idea I had in the drugstore, I sat down that evening and started painting my nails with "Grand-Plié in Black". Thinking about it now, I was really stupid for not using a base coat here. My nails were pretty stained when I took it off later. I should have known better.

Anyway, I used two coats to make sure it's not streaky. Sadly, the orange glitter doesn't show as much as in the bottle. It's still pretty, just a lot more subtle... if a black polish can be subtle! After the polish was dry, I added on coat of a clear polish to my ring finger and added multi-colored metal foil bits, I got from the art supply store. This turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. ^^;

So this is the result:

This is after one day wearing it. I really hate how the black polish emphasized my first gel attempt, which was a fail. I only applied gel to my index finger, but with black polish on top, you can really see what a horrible job I did. ^^; I also think that I shouldn't have used Grand-Plié under the metal foil. There's still some tiny spots where it peaks through and I don't quite like that.

Well, I was sick the week after I applied this polish and didn't feel like doing something else instead. But after a few days I started to feel like something was unbalanced here. I found that the orange glitter just didn't pop enough next to the metal... So, I added some crackle polish on top of the metal foils.

The tip wear is not too bad after a whole week, I think. And I somehow like it more with the crackle on top. What do you think?


  1. Oh wow, I love the ring finger!

  2. Mit dem Crackling Lack schaut das echt super aus!
    Besser als so normal, finde ich.
    Den über die Folie zu machen ist eine super Idee und ich bin echt überrascht das der Effeckt so einfach darauf, bzw. auf dem Top Coat funktioniert.
    Muss ich doch auch mal probieren, wenn ich neue Folien habe :).
    Danke für die Idee ;D

    LG, Jenny

  3. I like it with the crackle polish! It looks great!

  4. Mit dem Top Coat dazwischen ist ein guter Tip, denn mit dem auseinander ziehen hast du Recht.
    Was ich aber meinte ist, braucht der Crackling Lack nicht sowieso einen Lack drunter, damit er sich überhaupt auseinander zieht?
    Würde mich jetzt wundern, wenn es rein auf der Folie aufgetragen auch funktionieren würde^^.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Hey :)
    Schade das du nicht über das Gewinnspiel bloggst, aber ich wünsche dir trotzdem viel Glück, danke fürs teilnehmen :)

  6. Hm, wäre nen Versuch wert :p.
    Vllt probiere ich das morgen Abend mal aus, mit der Folie die ich aus dem Set noch habe^^.

  7. I adore that Essence color. I think it looks great with the foil! I actually prefer it without the shatter. Maybe I am just not a big shatter fan?

  8. Wow sieht toll aus :) und einen Super Blog hast du daanke für deine Teilnahme :) und dem Kommi <3

  9. Very cool mani! I love how the accent finger turned out :)

  10. I love how it looks with the shatter on top. The gold provides a nice accent to the look :D


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