Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Kiko 400 - Steel Grey (Swatch)

Good morning!

While scrolling through my blog pictures folder, I noticed that I never posted my swatches of the fourth polish from the Kiko Lavish Oriental collection. I bought this one a couple of weeks later than the rest, which is probably the reason. But for consistency, here are the swatches of Kiko 400 aka Steel Grey.

I'm glad that I bought it. I wasn't so interested in this grey at first, but after seeing swatches I felt the need to buy it. Together with the beige holo, Steel Grey got the strongest holo effect out of the four. But it's not an in your face holo. I'm still waiting for my China Glaze holos... I can't wait to compare their holoness. Though, I already know that the particle size is different.

Since I tried to capture the holo effect on all the other pictures, here's one in lamp light. The holo is still there, but it's faint. I find it pretty in this 'state' too. It's a sparkly grey, quite opaque (2 coats) and its drying time is quite good. Also, topcoat doesn't dull the holo effect. I have yet to try them Lavish Oriental polishes for stamping, but I think there are better ones.

Have you got any of the Lavish Oriental Holos? What do you think of them?
Have a nice day~


  1. I think you captured the holo very well in these lovely swatches!

  2. Er ist sooo schön! Da hab ich auch direkt Lust mir den wieder zu lackieren :)

  3. You make me wish Kiko's sold around here. :D


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