Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Fairy Tail inspired...

Hi everyone!

Some of you might know that instead of living in Germany, I would rather live in Japan. I have lived there before and I like it so much better than Germany (though I like Germany too). My love for Japan sprung from my love for anime back when I was a kid/teenager. I used to be a crazy Sailor Moon fangirl, when I was like 12 years old. Haha. I even studied a Japan related major and thus spent some time living overseas.
That's when I got over anime mostly. There's just too much animated stuff going on there, it killed it for me. But once in a while, I get in the mood to watch some anime.

Last fall, I did a crazy marathon watching an anime called Fairy Tail. In one of the boss fights, there were these weird foggy/jelly monsters that had this see-through thing going on that reminded me of jelly polishes. While watching this episode, I kept thinking how I could do this on my nails... and being a polish addict, I started working on it as soon as I finished watching.

So here are some Fairy Tail inspired nails. Weird monster inspired nails. :D

Since I did these more than half a year ago, I don't remember all the polishes I used for this one. I used the acid wash technique to create this look, so it involved a lot of layering. I remember two pinks and at least two purples. One of them Barry M Indigo, the other one was an essence polish. On top I sponged on one thin coat of H&M Urban Spirit to add some sparkles. Around the edges I added a thin stripe of black using a striper and on top of that one coat of the essence Smoky Topcoat, a sheer black jelly, to soften the black.

Instead of a Q-Tip, I used my clean-up brush and some acetone to dig trough all the polish layers. I'm not sure if all those coats of polish were necessary to create this. If you look very closely, you can tell that there's a "gradient" in those pink bolts. But honestly... if it's barely visible on zoomed pictures..?

I liked the look on my pictures, even though they didn't turn out all that great. The black around the edges and the vibrant Indigo... love! But in reality, I couldn't even stand the design on my nails for an entire day. It might have been different if I had purple jelly polishes at hand, but since I don't own any, I had to use cremes. That's what you get for trying to replicate some anime monster. Haha.

What do you think? Have you tried the acid wash technique at some point? Up to this point my initial acid wash manicure is still by far the most watched post of my blog.

Zum Schluss eine Frage an die deutschen Leser. Anhand meiner Statistiken fällt mir auf, dass ich in letzter Zeit wieder mehr deutsche Klicks habe als amerikanische. Wie ist das mit dem Englisch? Passt das oder wäre es euch lieber, wennn zumindest eine deutsche Zusammenfassung im Post beinhaltet wäre?

That's it for today. Time to get ready for work...


  1. Oh, I would love to visit Japan before I die...
    This mani is so gorgeous, different and with a very pretty color combo!

  2. Oh no, no, no! This looks lovely and the gradient is, yessir, visible! :)
    Loved the idea and how it turned out!
    I'm also an anime fan freak and Japan is my first go to dream destination! **

  3. Ich liebe Fairy Tail ♥ den guck ich grad - bin schon gespannt auf die Folge und werde darauf achten.

    Deine Nägel sehen toll aus ;)

    Also das Englische macht mir keine Probleme, aber vlt ist eine deutsche Zusammenfassung auch nicht schlecht.

    Lieber Gruß
    Mein Blog ♥

  4. This looks fantastic! I'm going to have to try out that technique!


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