Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

KB Shimmer - Let's get star-ted

Last week, my very first indie polish arrived! I found it second hand by chance and couldn't resist to get it. And I'm absolutely not regretting it! It's no polish I really had my eyes on, but it perfectly fits "my kind" of polish.

The polish I got is KB Shimmer Let's get star-ted. It's a sheer milky white polish with black hex-glitter in two sizes, aqua hex-glitter in two sizes, large purple hex-glitter, fine purple glitter and black stars. Stars!  I love star shapes, so this is a winner just because there's stars in it.

I noticed how sheer it is by just opening the bottle and decided to layer it over white. I used a single coat of white underwear, but it would have been better to use two. On top are two coats of Let's get star-ted.

Fishing for glitters isn't necessary, but arrangement is. On my pinky for example I didn't get any aqua glitters, but since it's tiny and got a star, it was fine with me. On the other nails I added glitter here and there, when I wasn't satisfied with the paint on distribution. I'm really pleased that there are enough stars in there to have at least one on each nail without having to look for them on the brush.

The first coat obviously turned into a glitter sandwich after I applied the second coat, but that just makes it look kind of dreamy. It looked so soft! I'm really in love with this polish right now. Also, I'm quite pleased with the formula and drying time. Nothing less than what I expect from mass produced polishes too.

I wish KB Shimmer (and other indies) weren't so hard to get here in Germany. Shipping cost is a huge turn-off to me, so I have yet to place an order for indie polishes overseas. But having this one here let's me consider getting some more a least. Maybe I can convince my sister to get me some while she's in the States this summer...

What do you think about indies? And about this one?


  1. i love KBShimmers! Jack and Quantum Leaf are my favourites, but I do own this one, Oh Splat! and a few others. I love them all! :) x

  2. Indies gerne, aber irgendwie werde ich nicht so richtig warm, mit diesen hellen Lacken, die dunklen Glitter oder dunkle Teilchen beinhalten.

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. What a fun and perfect name for this pretty glitter :)


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