Samstag, 29. September 2012

LDTTWC Day 5: We can do it!

Okay, I'm still totally behind with the schedule of this challenge, but I still have hope that I can finish it together with everybody else, since I'm on vacation for the next two weeks. :)

I tried to come up with something for the fifth day of the Time Warp Challenge this past week, between one seminar and another. The fifth theme is supposed to honor an influental woman from the past. Hm, I did some research on influental women and there are just so many women I had ideas for. In the end, I decided to honor a special lady though. The lady I owe my name to: Joan of Arc.

I'm not sure how well known she is in North America, but I'm sure most Europeans have heard of this young woman. She lived in 15th century France and originally, was a peasant girl. When she was about 13 years old, she started having visions of three angels and saints that told her to free France from English occupation. A lot of things happened, but church and Dauphin apparently believed in what she said after her faith was tested. She got her own armor and participated in the Houndred Years' War. The Dauphin would sit on the French throne, but the war was still not over and she ended up being caught, sold to her enemies and at the end, on a pyre in Rouen, when she was only 19 years old. She's a French national hero.

My mom loved the story of Jeanne d'Arc, how she's called in France, and this is why I was named Johanna. I can't think of a better opportunity to honor her. Both my mom and Jeanne d'Arc.

Sadly, I'm not very happy with the result of my nail art. Everything went fine, until I tried to paint her face and well... that ruined everything. But since time was a problem this past week, I had to leave it like that.

I used Kiko 399 as my base color and started painting my Jeanne with white acrylic paint first. Everyhing looked fine so far. Her armor was filled in using Catrice Browno Mars, the flag's pole with Color Club Earthy Angel and the flag itself was painted with Model's Own Pinky Brown. When I was done, I outlined everything with black acrylic paint and after that... well, ruined everything. :(

I was kind of frustrated afterwars, but still painted my Middle Age pattern using red, blue and black acrylic paints... and smudged it with some topcoat. Oh well... it can't go well all the time.

Have you heard of Jeanne d'Arc?


  1. Aww, this is so well painted and nice - well done!

  2. I think it looks really cool and I don't see any smudging at all!
    Also how pretty is Kiko 399 <3

  3. Danke^^ Jetzt weiß ich wie man das Muster nennt :D
    Deine Nalarts sind echt immer kleine Kunstwerke! Sehr schön! <3

  4. Das ist ja mal wieder so genial geworden! <3
    Ich wünschte ich hätte die Ruhe für sowas^^

    P.s.: Tragebilder wären wirklich gut...leider vergesse ich aber immer Fotos zu machen :/

  5. Great job, this is so cool, I love how the design goes on two fingers!

  6. Amazing. I love everything about this!

  7. I love the holo paint you used, it really suits the look.


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