Montag, 17. September 2012

Priti NYC - Bowles Black (Swatch)

I bought myself a couple of new Priti NYC polishes last week, when I found this set of 5 for little money at my local TK Maxx. It had a couple interesting colors in there and because I usually like their formula, I took it home with me.

One of the colors in this Priti NYC set is Bowles Black, a black polish infused with tiny silver flakies. At first I thought it's glitter, but when I was applying it, I noticed that the glitter was irregular and there were a couple slightly bigger pieces. Works with me. Flakies are easier to remove anyway.

I used this polish as my base for the nail art I'm going to show you later tonight. Since the weather was so nice yesterday and this was a new polish for me, I decided to take a couple pictures for a swatch post. My pictures show three coats. You could get away with two if you apply slightly thicker coats, but this polish tends to be a little runny, so thin coats worked better for me.

Bowles Black falls in the same category as MNY 673, I have posted about in February. This one, too, is a black base filled with silver flakies. They are similar, but yet so different. The flakies in the MNY are a lot bigger than the ones in Priti NYC. But the silver flakies don't show up better in the Priti NYC as in the MNY. The Priti NYC doesn't need a topcoat to make the flakies show up in the first place though. Bowles Black is very glossy on its own. The formula is similar, but the drying time was definitely better for the Priti NYC.

All in all, I think Bowles Black looks a bit more sophisticated than 673. Same as with the MNY, I think the flakies give this black polish a softer, more wearable look, but since the flakies are smaller it makes the look more homogeneous. I still like the MNY! But I wouldn't have used that one as my base for the nail art coming next. :D

What do you think? Do you own any of the two or maybe another polish falling in this category? What are your thoughts about it then?


  1. Bowles Black habe ich auch. Ich liebe solche Vampys mit etwas verhaltenem Schimmer. Orly Goth ist übrigens auch ein Schöner.


  2. Aww, it's gorgeous - I haven't any Priti Nyc yet - a big mistake LOL


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