Samstag, 22. September 2012

Fall into Autumn 4: Cloudy Days

Aaaah, I'm so behind with my nail art this week... I was told last weekend that I have to move to another room in the house by the end of next week. Since I'm not going to be around much next week because of a seminar I'm attending, all the moving stuff has to happen before that. So instead of painting my nails, I was painting walls the last couple of days. I hurt so much every night... I didn't feel like painting my nails at all. But the bright side of the story: The "Kellerkind" (it's an idiom here in Germany basically meaning something like nerd, but if you take it literally means child living in the basement) is going to be an "Attic Cat" starting next week. Btw, has anyone seen this K-Drama?

But today, I want to present my cloudy day nails. They are not exactly cloudy, but when I was thinking what I could paint for the theme, I recollected my childhood and how we would fly kites in autumn when it was windy enough. And well, those days often were cloudy days.

I used Manhattan Lotus Effect 16 as my base color and used white acrylic paint to pre-paint the kite and cloud shapes. For the kite I used an unnamed yellow Color Club, Kiko 386, BeYu 393 and a couple of other acrylic paints. The clouds were painted using my favorite unnamed white Color Club, Priti NYC Oleaster, the already mentioned BeYu polish and pink acrylic paint.

 I really like how the clouds on my thumb look. I might do that color combo again.

But what do you think? Did you fly kites too?


  1. wow, deine nagelkunst ist bezaubernt, und du machst das alles mit den hand?
    wahnsinnig talentiert bist du. ich bekomme meine nägel gerade mal ordentlich uni hin.
    sag mal, kannst du auch mal ein tutorial machen?deine ideen sidn einfach toll , unvorstellbar das jemand SICH SELBST sollche nägel macht!
    also würde mich sehr über ein tutorial freuen :D

    Wunderschöner Blog, mach weiter so.
    Musste dir auch direkt mal folgen…du hast einen neuen Fan <3
    Hoffe du schaust bei mir auch mal vorbei
    Dein Amely Rose von:

  2. This is so super cute, love it - well painted!

  3. I love the kite! I never even thought of how smart it would be to fly kites now because it IS super windy! I love it =) Good luck with your move! <3

  4. I used to fly kites with my family as a kid! Such fun times ^_^
    And this is a super fun mani as well. I really like the pink clouds, they look like hearts :D

  5. That looks so cute:)
    I follow you now.


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