Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Fall into Autumn 2: Apples (2)

And here's the second manicure I did for the second theme of the Fall into Autumn Challenge, Apples. Let's call it the traditional take on the apple manicure. But I just love the look and wanted to do it too.

For this one, I used three coats of OPI Bubble Bath as my base. I'm glad it doesn't look as pink on the pictures as it does in RL... Three coats are definitely too pink for my skin tone, hehe. On top of that I applied one coat of Nubar 2010 to give it some sparkle.

First, I painted the apples with white acrylic paint to make the red pop a lot more. The apple's red is essence Call it Fame from the discontinued multi dimension line. How I loved those polishes... The brown for the tiny stems is Bourjois Brun enrobant and the green is a mixture of OPI Green-wich Village (see, there it is again) and essence Colourbration.

On my ringfinger, I tried to create the apple's shape using green rhinestones. Hm, I wish I had smaller ones. Like 1mm. Those are the 2mm ones. The stem consists of brown glitter flakes I put into the wet polish. After I sealed the whole manicure with a generous coat of essence BTGN Top Sealer, it held really well. I didn't loose a single rhinestone in 3 days.

On the last day, I added a little worm to my mani. I get the feeling that every single apple from our trees has one this year, so how could I not add one to my apple manicures ^-^" It's painted using acrylic paints.

What do you think of this one? Do you like the "traditional" look as much as I do?

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  1. The worm killed me it's SO ADORABLE SQUEE

  2. The idea to make an apple out of rhinestones is so cute! I really like your take on an apple manicure.

  3. I LOVE this design!!! Beautiful!

  4. Aww, I love the little worm - so cute :)

    1. I'm getting sad that I let the worm live for about 2hours only. Everybody loves it so much...

  5. Der Wurm! Der Wurm ist einfach der Oberhammer! :D

    Ich war außerdem mal so frei, meinem Lieblingsnageldesignblog einen Award zu widmen, bzw. "weiterzuleiten":

    Deine Posts sind immer so kleine schöne Kunstwerkshäppchen. :)

    1. Danke für den Award :) Werde mich dem ganzen die Tage widmen.

      Freut mich natürlich, dass dir die Mani gefällt. Und dass mein Wurm so gut ankommt. Spontane Schnapsidee... :D

  6. Der Wurm is ja süß :D.
    Schöne Idee, auch das Erste finde ich klasse geworden :D

    1. Danke für das Kompliment. freut mich, dass dir beide manis gefalen =)

  7. Oh my gosh, that worm is adorable! What a great mani overall. It looks really good. :)

  8. Too cute!!! The rhinestones remind me of those big glass bead lamps from the 70s, super fun use!

    1. My grandma has one of those lamps. That the rhinestones got dull due to the topcoat adds to the glaslamp effect, I think.


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