Montag, 24. September 2012

LDTTWC Day 4: Lights, camera, action!

I'm totally late with this post, but I just didn't get around to paint my nails since the kite mani. I had decided last week what I wanted to do for this theme, so this was done quite quickly at least. I wasn't sure what movie I should do, but then, I read the description of today's theme properly: "Choose a nostalgic movie, song, or piece of literature"... and there it was! I have no idea why, but this old poem keeps going around and around in my head since about two weeks ago. I took that as a sign and decided to do my mani in honour of that poem.

I guess my German readers all know of the poem "Herr Ribbeck von Ribbeck im Havelland". At least back when I was in 6th grade, everyone had to learn this poem by heart. I don't remember all of it, but the first few lines. For those who are interested, here's an English translation of the -->poem<-- The real story of the poem is set around the year 1759 and basically tells the story of a squire who loved to give the boys and girls in his village lots of pears when they were ripe. When he died, he anticipated that his son would not continue this tradition and asked for a pear to be put in his coffin. When his son would not give pears to the children of the village, a new pear tree would grow from his grave, so the children could eat delicious pears every fall nevertheless.

Except for the base (MNY 500A) and the top coat, the whole mani was painted using acrylic paint. I originally had a retro pear design in mind, but that required some time for planning... time I didn't have last week. Not sure I'll have some this week either. But at least, I got this mani down. ^^;

What do you think? Do you know of this poem?


  1. Cool poem and even cooler design!! Very nice :)

  2. Your nails are so lovely <3 Obviously I've never heard of the poem as a born Canadian but that's a cute story =)

  3. What a cute story, and I love your nails!! The design is awesome!!! :)

  4. This is gorgeous! Everything has a 3D feel to it! LOVE! :)

  5. You are so talented it is ridiculous.

  6. It's so beautiful, I love how ell painted this is!

  7. wundervoll!
    das ist echt sowas von klasse geworden :)


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