Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Priti NYC - Fire Carpet (Swatch)

Until I have looked through the pictures for the nail art I did last night, I'd like to show a couple of pictures of another Priti NYC polish. Just like Bowles Black, I bought it a while ago with a few other shades. It's called Fire Carpet. At first, I didn't like it very much and had thoughts about selling it after I swatched it, but when I was done doing that, I found myself quite fond of this shade. It's nothing unseen, but at least when I did a quick search, I didn't find something too similar in my stash.

Fire Carpet is a light red jelly that leans a little pink and is infused with pink shimmer that gives it that pink glow. It's a tad brighter than it looks on my pictures, but it's far from a neon.

Fire Carpet doesn't go perfectly with my skintone, but it's a nice one. It's one of those polishes I'll only use on its own, I guess. I get this feeling that it would be very boring otherwise. ;)

Okay, I'm not very good a describing colors... so I'll stop here and let you have your own thoughts about it~

See you soon!


  1. wie wunderschön der Lack ist!
    gefällt mir sowas von gut :)

  2. OHHH, so gorgeous, look at that subtle shimmer - I offer it a good home for adoption ;)

  3. Ich liebe so helle neontöne auf den nägeln !:3
    Sehr schön ! ;)


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