Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

W7 - Metallic Saturn (Swatch + Comparison)

Today I have a swatch of a brand for you that was new to me before I wore this polish. I found a set of three in my local TK Maxx and decided to give it a try... especially because it looked like the polishes belonged to the Metallic Planets, a collection of duochrome polishes. For the price, I thought I couldn't do anything wrong - even though I knew that there are good and bad reviews about these polishes. (Especially recently in the German nail polish blogosphere :D)

When I went back home, I had this feeling that the set was close to another set I had bought about a year ago. I wasn't wrong and I'll compare those polishes to each other, to show how similar/different they are.

So the polish I want to compare first is W7 Metallic Saturn. It's a shimmery olive metallic polish, very nicely suited for fall in my opinion. It's supposed to shift from green to gold... does that remind you of something? Well it did remind me of model's own Golden Green from the Beetlejuice collection. Hence, I'm going to compare those two.

I applied two coats of the W7 and three of model's own. They are both on the thin side, but both are managable. W7 might look better with a third coat, because, depending on the angle you're looking at it... it's not 100% opaque. I was fine with two coats though. My pictures show the W7 on three fingers, model's own on one - my ringfinger.

I find them quite different. model's own Golden Green looks what it is called when compared to the W7: a golden green, while Metallic Saturn is more of a golden olive. Right now, I like the W7 better colorwise... I don't know, I think I'm getting into those muddy shades lately and Golden Green is definitely too bright to fit in this category.

Well, both are supposed to be duochrome... and I (still) fail at seeing this duochrome effect in those two polishes. There is a golden glow around the edges, but it is not very strong. If I didn't know that both of these polishes are from duochrome collections, I wouldn't even think about putting them in that category. Both are nice metallic shades... but certainly no duochrome polishes. I don't know where other swatches got the blue and teal shift from...
Okay, back to the formula. Drying time for both polishes was about the same. Nothing special here. They are rather on the slow drying side than the fast drying, but it's not bad and you can always put a quick drying topcoat on. I didn't use a topcoat, because I was going to swatch the other two polishes afterwards. Also, Golden Green tends to be more streaky than Metallic Saturn.

One of the major points or critique voiced in the recent German reviews is the stench of the Metallic Planets polishes. Actually, I don't think it is all that bad. Compared to other nail polishes, it doesn't smell very pleasant, indeed, but I find my model's own or Kleancolor polishes way worse. I can't put those on without having the window open. A thing to mention is, that W7 polishes are not Big3 free... as are model's own. They contain Toluene and I wonder if that's why they stink...

So, final verdict? If you are looking for a nice green duochrome, you are not going to be very happy with either of them. If you are looking for a nice metallic green with an edge, you might be happy with either. I find Metallic Saturn a more wearable green. It is also less streaky than Golden Green, and it's more opaque. Pricewise, the W7 polish is cheaper. You can buy them for £1.95 here, while model's own retail for £5.

Do you need both? Depends. I find them different enough that I'm not feeling the need to sell one of them, but if you don't have either, I'd recommend to choose the green you like better and leave the other well alone.


  1. Cool comparison! I noticed the stink on my KleanColor too, but those polishes are so fantastic I just hold my breath.

    1. We don't really have a choice, right!? xD But I totally do that too.

  2. I've used lots of W7 and can't say I've noticed them being really smelly. They have a good range of colours. I'm also a huge fan of Kleancolor and read so many people commenting on the smell, but can't say I find it offensive or even smelly or strong. My one complaint is they are so drying in my experience. I've tried a few BeetleJuice polishes and don't find them smelly. Did noticed, when I was sampling Smash Up Orange, it was a bit niffy.

    Great comparison, got both! Lovely pics too :-)

  3. Ich vermute auch mal, daß der beißende 'Gestank' der Lacke auf Tulol zurückzuführen ist, zumal der Geruch nach dem Trocknen schnell verflogen ist und Tulol nun mal eine extrem flüchtige Substanz ist.
    Rein theoretisch könnte man damit leben, wenn der Lack, wie hier z.B. der Saturn wenigstens deckt, was aber bei Metallic Mars nicht der Fall war.

    Liebe Grüße,

  4. Wer hat bei dem Lack denn blau gefunden? Oo Hast du da nen Link zu? Ich hab da bisher nur Swatches gefunden, die deinen und meinen Bildern entsprechen - oliv mit gold, Ende.

  5. Huhu ,

    magst du wieder, wie im letzten Jahr, bei dem Adventskalender mitmachen?
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen :-)

    viele liebe Grüße


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