Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

Fall into Autumn 8: Halloween

Haha... it's really fall here now. The flu got its first victims, me among them. Hence a week of no posting... Germany is expecting the first snow this weekend and that feels off, because I have still been wearing short sleeved shirts 5 days ago! Oh well :D

Anyway, I did one more mani for the Fall into Autumn challenge before I got sick and I'd like to show it to you! There are two versions of the challenge, so some participants did a different theme for theme 8. On my challenge chart, theme 8 is Halloween. So here is my Halloween mani, inspired by a design I saved to my inspiration folder last year. I don't remember who did it. If it's yours, please let me know!

Last year, I really wanted to do this design, but didn't have a nice lime monster green in my stash... and okay, I wasn't at that stage yet where I go to buy a polish just to do a design I have in mind! But this year, I have a polish in my stash that seemed fitting: essence Colourbration from this year's spring edition Crazy Good Times. It's a lime green with golden flecks in it. Quite bold on its own, so I haven't worn it solo yet.

On top of two coats of essence Colourbration, I applied one coat of p2 black explosion, a simple black shatter. It didn't break up very well, so I moved some of the black pieces with a fine brush. I'm always surprised how well that works!

The next step would be applying those flat fake eyeball thingies. I didn't have them, which left me with painting them using acrylic paint. Painting those circles was more difficult than I expected due to the uneven shatter surface. Some topcoat on and that's it. Pretty easy, but I still love the effect. I was looking forward to Halloween season just to finally do this mani! :D

I didn't wear it for very long, because I found it not very work appropriate. There were so many people sick last week, that I constantly had to help out with customer service... it just didn't seem very fitting. What do you think? Would you wear it at work?

And on a sidenote. I expected it, because I experienced something similar after swatching this essence polish... but... I just have to mention it: This one is a very very bad stainer! I had lime green nails even though I applied basecoat and wore it for a single day. I moved on to turquoise nails yesterday, but that's a different story. :D

Thanks for reading!


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