Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

LDTTWC Day 7: You're timeless to me!

Hah, only two days behind now with the Time Warp Challenge! So today, I'd like to show my mani for the seventh theme in the Time Warp Challenge: You're timeless to me! Since I'm a bit late with my mani, some of the ideas I had were already done by other participants. I don't have a problem with doing the same thing again, though!

So here I was thinking about something that has been popular throughout time. And yes, I ended up thinking about ancient times again and there are things that have been popular since then! We all know about things of value like gems, gold and silver. But I started thinking about furry things. Nowadays, we wear animal print and fake fur because it's fashionable, but before people wore fur(-lined) clothes, because they kept people warm. It was also a status symbol.

(none of these pictures above are owned by me! All rights belong to their respective owners)

And since I hadn't done an animal print themed mani in a while, here are some leopard patternd nails.

Again, there was not much material used for this mani. The blue polish I used as my base is essence Cool and the Gang, a gorgeous blue jelly, that has been discontinued last year. Then, there is my unnamed white Color Club. The spots consist of essence Rock'n Roll and black acrylic paint. The lace was painted with white acrylic paint.

Not much more to say about this! I hope you like my laced leopard mani :D


  1. I love this! That blue is SO bright. At first I thought the lace looked like zippers to me and it made me think of like... 80's neon futuristic style... I don't know xD

  2. Leopard lace - this is probably the prettiest leopard mani I ever saw - awesome!

  3. das design sieht echt klasse aus ^_^
    richtig schön :)

  4. woooow das sieht unglaublich gut aus!!!

    LG Mona


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