Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Spring Challenge 8: Matte Magic

Yes, I continued doing my challenge depite not being able to post. I hope I'll finish it within the next week, because I'd love to start another one. Those challenges are really fun. =)

So today I have one of those themes that really gave me a headache. I tried several combinations for this one, but none really appealed to me... Today, I want to show the two I liked the best.

after 1 day of wear

This polish is a franken I recently made myself, because I just can't find myself the perfect cornflower blue. It turned out a little bit too violet compared to a real cornflower, but I'll get there... I *need* the perfect cornflower blue. I mean, I'm looking for more than a year already.

I added those tiny silver pailettes and mattified the whole thing afterwards. I love mattified glitters... and silver plus purple is always a great combination in my opinion. My hand could have been a bit steadier while placing the glitters though.

I didn't wear this for long. Well, mattified manis just don't last very long on me, even though the polish itself was topcoated before I mattified it. But the real reason is the crazy amount of polishes I bought in the last few weeks that still want to be swatched and played with. Not that I got around to do that. Haha.

And then there was this manicure. I did it a few weeks before the purple one, around the time we had major bunny trouble.

This is Catrice Beam me Scotty! from the Out of Space LE. On it's own, it's drying to a suede like finish. I decided to mattify it nonetheless, because I found the effect of suede-and-glossy too subtil. To create this (still very subtil) manicure I applied two thin coats of Beam me Scotty! and topped it with essie Matte about you. When this was dry, I used tape to cover some matte stripes, then topcoated it using essence BTGN Top Sealer and immediately removed the tape. That's it. Nothing fancy.

Doing a glossy/matte-mani for this theme was my first idea when I read the challenge chart and I have tried several other combinations. I remember seeing some really awesome manis that sported this.. but mine didn't turn out that great. I'll try again some time.

This is Beam me Scotty! on it's own, not mattified. I like the finish, but I love the polish with top coat to make it glossy. If you use slightly thicker coats, this one is a one coater.

So what do you think of my matte attempts?


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