Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Spring Challenge 12: May Flowers!

There's three more designs of the Spring Challenge for me to post... one of them I'll show you today.

Design 12 was supposed to be "May Flower"-themed. I don't remember if the flowers I tried to recreate actually bloom in May, but I remember seeing them around in our garden this spring. I really wanted to do a manicure that uses the colors at least, but I decided to recreate the flowers themselves for this challenge. I hope you can tell what flowers they are supposed to be... :P

Despite my love for acrylic paints, I actually did this manicure with polishes only. The ones I used are:

- Manhattan Frozen Jogurt
- Illamasqua Load
- Color Club Almost Famous
- essence A Hint of Mint
- Catrice Virgin Forest mixed with A Hint of Mint
- Color Club Incognito
- Woo 665

Color Club Incognito is a light nude shade that looks really violet here. I was a bit surprised and had to check the bottle to make sure it really is Incognito. I think it made a surprinsigly well suited background for my flowers though.

Sadly, I didn't manage to take a solo shot of my thumb nail that wasn't blurry. In my opinion the flowers looked best on my thumb. But can you tell what flowers they are supposed to be? My colleagues mostly guessed the wrong flower... But to be fair the flowers they guessed also exist in this color pattern.

Two more to go... but well, it's all about finally posting them... ehem.
Have a nice day~


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