Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

Spring Challenge 11: Eggs and Chicks

Sunday, finally. I was soooo looking forward to the weekend! I haven't worked the early shift in a while... I was just so tired when I got off work yesterday. It had a good thing too, though. I had a lot more time on hand to paint my nails, haha.

So today, I want to present my quite uninspired take on the 11th theme of the Spring Challenge, which is Eggs and Chicks. I didn't want to do some cracked eggs and chicks like the ones showing up every year around Easter. But I didn't really have another idea too. I had been thinking about changing the base color to one of the crazy shell colors to be found in my mother's garden. She keeps a few chicken and some of them lay eggs in really interesting colors, e.g. chocolate brown or light green.

But when the time came that I decided to sit down and finally do my Eggs and Chicks mani, I had a light yellow polish on my nails already and decided to go with a classic color scheme.

So my base is Rival de Loop 481, a light yellow creme. I don't have the best experiences with Rival de Loop polishes, so I don't own many. This is actually my third. They are quite inexpensive, but what use is the price if you don't fancy the concistency and/or brush. When I swatched it first, it looked quite opaque, but in the end... 3 to 4 coats on my nails. Boo.

Well, for my manicure, I ripped apart one of those kitchen sponges with the black scratchy side and used that scratchy part to sponge Illamasqua Load and Essie Marshmallow on to my "old" manicure. Aside from the polish, there was some residue from the sponge too, but I liked the effect.

Using black acrylic paint I painted my little chicks and flower pot. They were inspired by a font I stumbled upon the other day. The lady created a few other cute fonts... sadly no free ones, it seems.

What do you think? Did you take a look at the font? :D


  1. Das Design sieht ja süß aus :D ♥

  2. Aaaw your chicks are the cutest things on Earth! And I really like the sponge residue effect!

  3. love the black specks, reminds me of pepper in scrambled eggs. These chicks are so darned cute.

  4. wie putzig!!!

    hey eine kleine Frage: ich hab bei meinem contest ja unter anderem den essence topper verlost. Nun hat mir conny (die gewinnerin) geschrieben, das sie diesen Überlack schon hat und sie den nicht unbedingt braucht. Nun haben wir uns gedacht, den topper an Dich als Zweitplatzierte weiterzureichen. Was meinst du? Wenn du den Lack gerne hättest, schreib mir doch ein Mail an mit Deiner Adresse und ich schick ihn dir :-)

    <3 Lily

  5. Aaawww, wie süß is das denn :D :D


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